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What is website word count checker tool

What is website word count checker tool

The amount of text directly affects web page rankings in search engines. Moreover, the optimal text length for a particular page depends on the number of keywords and competitor sites that are in the TOP-10.

There are different word counts that exist for different types of content. The ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters, for a Facebook post is less than 40 characters but the ideal length of a blog post is 7 minutes, 1,600 words.
According to Buffer

In addition to the optimal content length, the text on the web page should have the following qualities:

  • Uniqueness. The use of non-unique content leads to search engine sanctions;
  • Optimized for search engines. The text must contain targeted keywords. It is important that they are used more often than other phrases that are not used for promotion. The page ranking is affected not only by the density of keywords but also by their position in the text, as well as the word order;
  • Properly structured. It is best to use the keywords evenly throughout the text, high-frequency keywords in headings, medium and low-frequency keywords within the content. For 1000 characters, it is worth placing 4-5 keywords;

When do you need website count checker

The website word counter tool helps to find the exact number of word count, character count, the number of characters without spaces, keywords. Word count is one of the most important metrics of SEO writing that includes readability, keyword density, grammar, etc.

Users often want to know how many words are on the pages of certain writers or bloggers they are reading. Such information helps to organize their time on a website and help them better create a website or blog they desire.

CIt is also the best way to check your own website or blog pages. When you analyze web pages that bring the most traffic, you can check their URLs to see what number of words seems to rank better. It may help you write content in the future that also brings more readers to see your writing.

How to use web page word counter effectively

To calculate the proper amount of text, analyze the sites of competitors that are at the top. Based on the data for each article, you can calculate the median and understand how many characters should be in your text.

  • Use a free website word counter by Sitechecker. It will help to analyze and calculate the right number of characters in two clicks. Enter the competitor’s exact landing URL into the placeholder above and press “calculate”. You will receive a report with the number of article words, the length of the title, and the number of occurrences of keywords.
  • You can analyze it manually. If you need accurate data on the length, you can easily make URL word count without specialized tools or services. Manually collect competitor data. Enter in the search a key query or several queries, one by which you plan to promote the article. Copy and paste the text into any text editor and get the number of words. But in this case, you won’t get details about the number of keywords.
  • Check page count on your website. It will calculate the number of website pages in a few clicks.
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