Pages Have Too Large Html Size Issue

Pages Have Too Large Html Size Issue
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The HTML Page Size issue occurs when the code on your site page exceeds the maximum allowable size. It affects the loading speed of the site, and as a consequence, lowers your position in search engines.

What Does “Pages Have Too Large Html Size” Mean?

HTML Page Size means that there is not too much text content on your site, i.e., there is not enough content for users. It means that your site has too much HTML text in the background, slowing down that page.

Site load speed and page load speed are two concepts that users confuse. In this case, we are interested in the average speed of page loading because HTML Size influences this figure.

You can read more about site load speed in the guide on the MOZ blog.

What triggers this issue?

When your site takes a lot of weight in HTML elements, it causes the page to slow down. The issue is triggered if your URL has a large HTML Size. Optimize the code on your page so that this issue can not reduce search engine rankings.

How to check the issue?

Well, you can use site analysis tools to find all the pages that will display this error. During the scan, the crawler will detect which pages have too much HTML code. After the scan is complete, you will see all of these URLs in the report. You should fix this error because it is reduced for ranking.

Yes, this issue is very rare. Usually, website designers give tips on how to optimize the code of your resource. Nevertheless, if this happens, you need to work on fixing and optimizing the code.

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Why is this important?

To make the site as user-friendly as possible, developers can use too many elements of code. On the one hand, it can make the user’s interaction with the site much easier. On the other hand, Large HTML Size negatively affects the perception of your site by search engines.

How to fix the issue?

So, what can you do? To optimize your HTML code, use the following important tips:

  1. In your site’s admin panel, see what plugins are enabled. Disable plugins that take up a lot of space and waste a lot of resources on your site.
  2. Also, disable or update obsolete plugins.

Analyze HTML elements and find a way to optimize them so that your site pages load faster and make page size smaller.

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