How to eliminate render-blocking resources from your site?

How to eliminate render-blocking resources from your site?
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Rendering is a process that transforms HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code into interactive pages that users see when they visit your site.

What does “Render-blocking resources” mean?

This means that the URL in question has a website code that blocks the initial render of the page. Consequently, the browser should spend extra time on network transmission, decompressing, parsing, and compiling code that is not necessary for the first paint of your page. So, you need to eliminate this problem as quickly as possible.

You can also discover how to increase your site’s speed in the video by Moz:

What triggers this issue?

The presence of render-blocking resources can arise for a variety of reasons. Below, we are going to show some of them:

  • You recently made changes to the code of a page or pages, and now they load slowly. Although your site used to be fast
  • You have added new pages that are different from others
  • You have created a new site where from the beginning, some or all of the pages are with render-blocking resources

You need to stop this problem for the fast loading of your pages.

How can I check the issue?

You need to check your site with online or offline crawlers. They can show you pages that have to render-blocking stylesheets or scripts. Moreover, you can see how much code is used versus how much is loaded on each page.

Detect the presence of render blocking resources on your website and go ahead to analyse the other issues on it!

Check not only the issue but make a full audit to find out and fix your technical SEO.

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Why is this important?

If you do not want people to leave your site after the first seconds of use, then you may remove render-blocking resources. And here are some important results why you need to do this:

  • Reduction of page load times
  • Improvement of the user experience
  • Improvement of SEO

How can I fix the issue?

You can get rid of this problem yourself, but it’s better to leave this job to your developers. At the same time, you need to know that the process consists of the following stages:

  • Inlining critical resources
  • Deferring non-critical resources
  • Deleting anything that is not used

We also recommend using WordPress plugins (Autoptimize and others) and the .htaccess file.

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