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The latest improvements have touched a so-called heaviness where the system becomes more keywords oriented. It finds more websites according to the request, although the sites with a lesser quantity and greater informative filling are frequently pushed to the end of the list. Some of the valuable content is deleted from the search engine results page. It is sad, depressing and even irritating that Google has got a monopoly over search engines while many of them are in some aspects better and more effective.

Now more and more people who got tired of colorful search system feel the need to get something fresh and new that will not trace every step and pile the user with tons of useless ads. However, a person needs to understand what is a search engine at its core. This is an algorithm that looks through the web to get corresponding matches. The principle is quite simple and easily adjustable. There are numerous options that can be used instead of Google, and each of them can boast with some special benefits and peculiar fields of usage.

Right now the user needs to cast away any stereotype and prejudice that Google is the best variant when the person needs to find something in the endless labyrinth of the Internet. One needs to open the eyes for something new, and this list of alternative search engines will open grant new opportunities for finding the information.




Among wide variations of Google alternative ideas, Bing is the closest one that reached the popularity of Mr G. with 16% of loyal users. This is one and only Microsoft search engine that was designed specifically for Windows systems it can be used by all of them through their public domains. What is so good about it?

It has got some decent video search capabilities that are even better than those of Google.
There are more auto filling options as the user types the requests.
It traces more interconnections between separate websites. So finding similar options won’t be an issue.
Additionally, Bing provides Yahoo search system with calculating servers.




Users usually call it the Russian equivalent of Google as there is a similar interface and even additional services. This service is known for a well-designed logical algorithm that distributes results with some additional functions.




Here is another popular search variant that is preinstalled in some popular browsers like Firefox. This is a very useful option for those who don’t want to have their data being tracked. It is usually compared to Google that is similar to Big Brother that is constantly watching every step and data entry.




Those people who are interested in unusual search systems will like this one. It is designed as a simple message board and browses the results exclusively through forums from all over the world where real people share their experience regarding the specified topic.




Dogpile is a real data combiner as it scans the search results from three most popular search systems: Google, Yandex and Yahoo and selects the best results out of each. The simplicity of the interface allows concentrating upon the search while all the advertisements will be eliminated by this simple yet powerful service.


Creative Commons Search


Creative Commons Search or CC Search for short is an incredible anonymous search engine when it comes to acquiring some unique copyrightless material that can be stored for personal use. The inquirer can select the material by topic type and categorize it in the most comfortable manner. If one is planning to create a personal web page, this will be an excellent place for gathering designer material.




For people who are passionate about GIF art, this is a perfect search engine. It was specifically designed to search for miniature picture-videos. One can get some positive emotions after looking at funny kittens or hilarious situations in an endless loop. This uncensored search engine will add some bright moments to the user’s life.




Quora is more like an information portal than a search engine. Here one can communicate with people on various topics and get replies from people all over the world regarding some important questions. Moreover, there is a special category of themed questions which were asked before, and one can find something similar in the distributed pages.




YouTube is Google’s department that is filled with tons of ads. Vimeo is a popular alternative that is extremely comfortable for use and is based on a simple video-sharing system. The best thing about it is a total absence of ads and a huge selection of HD videos.




Guys who are passionate about computer systems will find themselves like at home with this search engine. It is a special service that is like a giant computer knowledge database that will advise a solution to any question connected with the digital world.




People who are crazy about their privacy and dislike Google’s secret data transfer policy for commercial use will like this anonymous service that does not only allow to conduct a totally safe search but also it will hide the data of the machine like IP and MAC addresses. It will allow entering any type of website through a special proxy server and won’t leave any remnants of the user’s presence at the website.


Here is another universal searcher. This service unites all popular search systems and generates them upon a special topic page where users can bookmark the most interesting search results. Moreover, you can ask people around for some additional advice.




Need some presentation or material for the creation of one? SlideShare will be an excellent source for finding some useful material. It has got a limitless base of slideshows which are available for all registered users that is regularly updated.

We strongly hope that after reading through this search engines list people will discover some principally new means of finding the necessary information, including video, audio and text options. There is always something new to learn, and new options will appear, and it is a great idea to test them, and maybe there will be some nice variants for future searches.

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