The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Submission

The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Submission
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Much earlier, you had to submit a new site to search engines, but for now, you don’t have to do it anymore! Lately, search engines have gotten more advanced and received new features, hence why you don’t need to inform them immediately after you have made a new site or a new page on your site.

Sad to say, but not all people know about this fact, that’s why some SEO companies propose submitting your sites to search engines such as Bing and Google for money. People think they pay to such companies for their submitting job, but any new site submits to search engines without any fee. That’s why in reality certain companies make money from doing nothing while there are some people around that are ready to pay them for a non-existent service.

You should remember that there is no payment for submitting a website. Actually, any website that is made according to special guidelines, will be automatically included in search results. The guidelines are not strict, they are created just to exclude any sites with amoral or manipulative content. There is only one exception when search engines charge a fee – when you want your site to be in the paid listing sections of the results.

The process of submitting a site or page to search engines is done automatically. If your site has been accessed on the Internet for a week or more (you just need to type its domain name into your browser to check if it is live on the Internet), then Bing or Google definitely can find it. You are not required to take any special actions for submitting.

Of course, you can be a bit confused when a website doesn’t show up for particular keywords that you want it to show up for. But we assure you this problem is not connected to submitting to search engines. You can’t just place an order directly that you wish to submit your site and choose to be ranked for the chosen keywords.

When you need your site to show up when people search for certain keywords, it is possible to do it with on-site and off-site SEO. All search engines evaluate your website’s authority and relevance, then define keywords with special algorithms to get a site ranked.

When you want to know if search engines have found your site, it’s simple to do: just search on Bing or Google for your website’s URL (it looks like If you see it in the search results, this means search engines have successfully found, crawled, and indexed your website.

You don’t have to do anything except wait until your website is automatically submitted to Bing and Google. But in some cases, even after a week, you may find that a website doesn’t show up in the search engine results pages. You can find out more in our blog what does SERP stands for and how it is possible to speed up the submission process. This is absolutely free and very easy.


Webmaster Tools


With both Bing and Google, you are allowed to set up Webmaster accounts. This is necessary for communication about any kind of problems or giving recommendations for your site. You can set up these accounts at any point, but we suggest doing this right after you have created a website because this actually equals to submitting your site to them. Webmaster Tools accounts have a lot of options that may look complicated for some users, but you shouldn’t worry about it. If you just set up the accounts and link them to your site, it will immediately be added to search results.



If you include a link to any other webpage (make sure it is regularly updated and established) on your website, then search engines will find your site easily. One backlink is enough, but if you create several backlinks, this will raise the chances for search engines to find your website. We suggest adding such a link in a new comment on a blog or article. Always check backlinks, as they are important factors of ranking. Most blogs permit users to link back to your own website when you are writing a comment.




When you create a business Google+ page, it helps you to build authority and trust with Google. Another benefit is that it is possible to link the Google+ page to your website. After you do this, Google will immediately crawl and index your site. You can login to your personal Google business account, go to the + section, and share the URL of your site. Or if your website has integrated social media buttons, click +1 to submit your site to Google instantly.

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