Explore What a Vanity URL Is and How to Use It Properly

Explore What a Vanity URL Is and How to Use It Properly

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What Does “Vanity” URL Mean?

Saying it differently, such a personalized unique address or as it is also named “Branded Link,” is a simplified form of long and boring URL. As a result of the transformation, we get a laconic custom-orientated web address.
Every such link includes a name of your domain (your trademark) or some term related to your business. A short original URL such as this attracts the attention of the audience when emerging in social networks and advertisements. How do you get this type of URL? Both users and companies can get such a personalized web address for their profiles on social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter after having learned these instructions.

How to Use Vanity URLs?

As Vanity URLs are used for business promotion, you should grasp the rules of their usage. Never neglect these three simple regulations when using Custom Short URLs, as they are also called, to make them perform their functions.

  • Use it to a point. There is no need to exploit such a unique web address to represent every one of your shared links in a “cute way.” A large number of websites have rather short web addresses and they don’t need Vanity URLs to look original. The main target of using the unique web address is to shape some short and recognizable address for the audience to find no difficulties in associating it with the represented trademark and which will also helps customers to memorize it. If your original link performs these functions without any transformation, don’t implement any changes.
  • Combine your SEO policy and Vanity URL. Using your Branded Links in synergy with other techniques and strategies will lead to quicker success. Ascertain that your unique web address serves a valuable supplementation to your SEO policy.
  • Choose distinctness. Do not confuse your customer by shortened forms and associations in presentation of your trademark – clients will appreciate honesty and crisp writing. By offering them enough information in the link, you describe them a direct route to the place of destination and gain their trust.

What Advantages Can You Get by Using Vanity URLs?

It is amazing how this tiny detail can boost your business. From the first sight, it may seem that a Vanity URL is just a line which is pleasant for the eye, but it has multiple functions which means the game is worth the candle. Get acquainted with the main advantages you can make use of when you have your personalized web address.

  • You are more trusted. A Vanity URL means you put the cards on the table when offering the user to activate a link for it is an open invitation. A person looking at it knows where he or she will come. This is a type of guarantee that this link is not a ticket to some fraudulent site which purpose is spamming or phishing. Thus, you illustrate to the audience what content you offer and ascertain that it corresponds to your trademark. If speaking in figures, this method helps to increase the Click Through Rate index by up to 39% in comparison with short or long impersonalized links.
  • The trademark becomes more recognizable. When trying to find your way to the user a Vanity URL serves as a magic wand. By shortening your web address, you will become recognized even when you share content of other trademarks or users.
  • It boosts your link operation. A Branded Link gives you complete control over it: redirect the location of URL, include changes in its description, or just remove it – you are free to do whatever you want.
  • You make your SEO work for you. To help your trademark just as well as content stand out from the crowd in this concern, you just need to insert your keyword in the URL slug. A pleasant addition is that from now on your brand will be associated with the chosen keyword.
  • The brand gets in contact with the user. When using an ordinary generic link, long or short, a person fails to decode the message encrypted in it that creates a sort of barrier between you and your potential client. A person just scans or copy-pastes such a link. When working with Vanity URLs, your presentation is readable as it contains words. Thus, potential customer can easily read the word combination, “decode,” pronounce, and memorize it, which gives you a chance for even better interaction in the future.
  • You can share it offline efficiently. To find some useful link most of us will surf the Internet but there exist a great number of other options in this concern. Though the general tendency of expenditures for marketing purposes is showing that advertising in traditional media looses its popularity, to use every bit of leverage is the only correct approach of a successful business. Make use of them to stand out from the crowd. Demonstrate your Vanity URL in varied offline materials to take your chance to contribute to your online performance which others choose to reject. This includes advertisements in shops, newspapers, mailing, distribution of flyers and booklets. One more well-tested addition is souvenir stuff with branded inscriptions like pencils, magnets, calendars, pens, T-shirts, sweaters, coffee cups, bags, water bottles, stickers, USBs, key chains, and so on.
  • You get additional options due to UTM Tools and Integrated Retargeting. Vanity URLs enrich your retargeting lists as here you can include users who activated your link – this simple trick can make your top funnel traffic five times as big! Working on your original web address is high time for UTM parameter creation.

SEO Promotion and Vanity URLs

As the URL is one of the main heroes in the whole SEO struggle for top ranks, there is an urgent need to devote a separate chapter to how this little tricky thing can contribute to the outcome of the battle.

301 Redirect. This is a command serving to redirect a URL from some determined location to another which refers to the competence of search systems and bots, which thoughts do not influence the link juice. However, from now on a sharable link is at your disposal.

URL containing a keyword. Insert some valuable operative words related to the content on your website into your unique web address. For instance, if the website deals with essay writing help, Writing Help URL is a decent example of a Vanity URL.

Associated Keyword. When you use the combination of one keyword and a keyword related to content on the site or activity you create an association which is further processed by bots as two related issues. As a result, the trademark name is associated with that keyword.

Smart TLD. A Vanity URL helps to find your way to your client due to the brand-associated TLD. If you offer sushi in Toronto, “Toronto.Sushi/best” will serve a worthy personalized link. Thus, your smart web address will attract a person looking for the “Best Sushi in Toronto” to this resource.

How to Get a Vanity URL?

Companies and individuals use vanity URLs to make links more user-friendly and to enhance their branding. Here’s how you can get one:

Choose a Memorable URL This is often a shortened, simplified, or branded version of a longer URL. For instance, instead of `www.example.com/products/item12345`, a company might prefer `www.example.com/specialdeal`.
Domain Registration – If you’re looking for a completely custom domain (e.g., `www.yourbrandname.com`), you’ll need to visit a domain registrar to check if it’s available and then purchase it.
– Popular registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, and many others.
URL Shorteners for Social Media and Marketing – Tools like Bitly, Rebrandly, or TinyURL allow you to create shortened, branded links from longer URLs. For instance, a company could use `brand.ly/sale` instead of a much longer link.
– These are useful for sharing on platforms with character limits or for simplifying long, complex URLs into something easier to type or remember.
Custom Paths for Existing Websites If you already have a domain and website, most content management systems (like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal) allow you to set custom URL paths for your pages. This can be useful to make a specific page or post have a vanity URL.
Subdomains Instead of getting an entirely new domain, you can create a vanity subdomain. For example, instead of `www.company.com/blog`, you might have `blog.company.com`.
Redirects If you have a long URL but want a simpler one to point to the same place, you can set up a URL redirect. This means that when someone types in or clicks on your vanity URL, they’ll be automatically forwarded to the longer, original URL.
Consider SEO When setting up vanity URLs, especially if using redirects, ensure you’re implementing them in a way that doesn’t negatively affect search engine optimization (SEO). For redirects, using a 301 (permanent) redirect can help pass SEO value from the vanity URL to the target URL.
Branding Consistency is key when creating vanity URLs. It’s a good idea to stick to a specific format or naming convention, especially if you’re going to be creating multiple vanity URLs over time. This makes them easier to remember for your audience.
Stay Updated Domain names need to be renewed periodically. Ensure that you keep track of renewal dates to avoid losing your vanity URL.
Security Some URL shortening services have faced criticism for lack of security because shortened URLs can potentially be guessed, leading to unintended page access. Ensure that if you’re using URL shorteners for sensitive content, you’re aware of the security implications.

In summary, vanity URLs can be an effective branding and marketing tool when used appropriately. Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business, or an individual, a well-chosen vanity URL can make your online presence more memorable and engaging.

The procedure of creating a Vanity URL is just as short as the branded address itself.

What does a Branded link consist of? There are only three ingredients: the first one is Vanity Domain, the second – URL Slug, the third one – TLD.

Select your Vanity Domain

Choose some reliable service, sign in and select a Domain name corresponding to your business activity to make your Vanity Domain reflect interconnection of your name and content. If you coped with this task, your clients will have no problems with your link identification. The majority of people find this part a tiresome affair but it is worth the efforts. Anyway, if your Muse fails to prompt you some decent example, perform a search of “How to create the best Vanity Domain”  and make use of a number of articles with prompts listed by Google.

Now that you know how to make a URL marked “Vanity,” time has come for action. Here you can find a domain corresponding to your needs and learn its price.

Select a TLD

In comparison with the branded Domain name use, this stage offers less complications: just pick out some number of Top Level Domains corresponding to your purposes.  Examples of TDL:

Mysite.live – to devote to any live performance, like webinars
Mysite.post – for posts
Mysite.news – to devote to news
Mysite.fun – for funny stuff
Mysite.link – to gather shared material

URL Slug (with a Keyword)

As soon as you’ve made your decision as for Vanity Domain and TDL, move on to the creation your original link. You’ll get the registered domains on your account to help you successfully finish this task.

Check if URL Address is SEO Friendly with URL Length Checker

The URL Length Checker is a simple but crucial tool for website development and SEO. It quickly measures URL length, key for SEO and user experience, as shorter URLs tend to perform better. This helps optimize URL structure for improved website performance and search engine visibility.

URL Length Checker

The URL length checker does more than measure length, it advises on best practices for URL structure, flagging overly long URLs that could hinder SEO, and suggesting improvements. It helps create search engine-friendly, user-readable URLs, making it valuable for upholding web standards and boosting online discoverability.

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Vanity URLs are a key branding tool, offering a shorter, more memorable version of long URLs, enhancing transparency and trust with users, and potentially increasing click-through rates. These branded links improve brand recognition, allow for effective link management, and aid in SEO by including keywords. They also enhance user engagement, are useful in offline marketing, and expand top-funnel traffic through retargeting. Creating a Vanity URL involves choosing a memorable URL, registering a custom domain or using URL shorteners, and considering SEO, branding consistency, and security. Vanity URLs are multifunctional, significantly boosting a business’s online and offline presence.

Purchase a memorable domain through a registrar, or use URL shorteners like Bitly or Rebrandly to create a branded link. For existing websites, modify URL paths via your content management system.
A good vanity URL is short, memorable, relevant to the content, and consistent with your brand or message. It should be easy to type and share.
A vanity URL is a specific, branded web address for a particular page or resource. A vanity domain is a custom domain name tailored to represent a brand or entity, often used as the base for multiple vanity URLs.
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