Viewport Meta Tag Minimum Scale Issue

Viewport Meta Tag Minimum Scale Issue
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This issue note informs the user that the internal URL contains a browser view window tag with the minimum scale set by the instructions.

What Does “Viewport Meta Tag Minimum Scale” Mean?

The viewport is the area of the browser window where the user can view all the content on the page. The viewport depends directly on what device the user is viewing your site from.

The viewport attribute sets instructions for the browser to control page size and scale.

We recommend you to learn more about working with the viewport tag in this article.

What triggers this issue?

This error message will appear if at least one page with the tag at the minimum scale is detected while crawling the site.

The smaller the screen of the device from which the user views the page, the smaller the minimum value of scale will be. Keep these instructions in mind when optimizing your site for mobile devices.

How to check the issue?

You can use the SEO crawler to check the given scale instructions. During the scan, you will find all internal pages that contain the minimum tag value.

Detect not only the viewport tag with a minimum-scale set but also other kind of technical issue on your site!

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Matt Cutts from Google, talks more about how much time you should spend on meta tags. Check out the information in this video.

Why is this important?

The minimum scale of the browser viewport is an optional attribute for the viewport. This attribute specifies the minimum scale that will be available to website users.

Specific setting instructions for the “minimum scale” attribute value can make it difficult for users to scale the viewport properly. It can reach the user, still not being able to adjust the scale to their needs. It will finally lead to a problem with the accessibility of your site for users.

Remember that accessibility is an important factor that search engine robots consider when ranking your site in search results.

How to fix the issue?

The min scale aims to prevent the viewport from being set to a scale that prevents the user from viewing the content on the page.

It is not a critical issue and is not noted in the report by crawlers as necessary to fix. However, you do need to pay attention to what scaling instructions you set on the site. It will directly affect your site users’ ability to adjust the scale of the browser page view area.

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