Non-HTML Files On The Site Are Linked Via A Redirect Issue
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Non-HTML Files On The Site Are Linked Via A Redirect Issue

This issue report means that non-HTML files linked via redirect were detected while scanning the site.

What Does “Non-HTML Files On The Site Are Linked Via A Redirect” Mean?

Redirection is the process of converting a URL to another URL by which the webmaster shows users and search engine robots that the page has a new location.

Non-HTML files (such as CSS, images or JavaScript, or another asset) on a site are linked using redirects. It is not considered a critical problem, but web browsers have to make one more request, affecting the site’s speed.

You can read more about using redirects in the Google Search Central documentation.

What triggers this issue?

If non-HTML files linked via redirect are found on the page, the user will get an error notification during the scan. If you often use such redirects, this can be an error.

To use redirects correctly, we recommend checking this episode of Ask Google Webmasters by John Mueller.

How to check the issue?

Run a scan of your site with one of the webmaster tools. Usually, this issue is marked as non-critical and needs to be known. You will find it in non-priority tool reports.

It means that it is unlikely that one or two such errors will affect the site’s search traffic, but if there are many of them, you should still take the time to fix them.

Asset being linked via redirect check is good for your website but not enough to get good SERP positions!

To detect not only the issue but other kind of site level and page level problems, just make the full site audit.

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Why is this important?

Non-HTML files associated in the chain with redirecting can negatively affect the loading speed of content on the page. In addition, it can lead to the loss of the crawling budget if your website is found to have many such problems.

Nevertheless, if you want to achieve maximum results from promoting your site in search engine rankings, you are better off getting rid of this assets issue. If you have higher priority problems to fix, it’s better to mark them. It will help speed up the website and have a good effect on the perception of search engines.

How to fix the issue?

It won’t take you much time or effort to fix this issue.

Provide a link to the final redirect address instead of a link to the redirected URL.
Consider transferring the resource to a linked URL. However, in this case, you must be sure that the site does not have pages that link to it in its current location. It can lead to a more serious error of broken links.

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