Technically Duplicate Pages Issue

Technically Duplicate Pages Issue

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The Technically Duplicate Pages Issue appears if there is a technically identical URL for any internal URL.

What Does “Technically Duplicate Pages” Mean?

Technically Duplicate Pages Issue means that a particular URL is technically identical to at least one other URL that the search engine has indexed.

It can include URLs that are case-sensitive or have the same parameters in a different order.

Google Developers Help has more information on how to avoid creating duplicate content.

If the issue affects only a few pages, it will not bring much of a negative effect.

However, if your site has many duplicate pages, you can get penalized by search engines, such as Google Panda.

What triggers this issue?

This issue occurs when an internally indexed URL appears that technically repeats at least one internal URL.

When checking this issue on your site, keep in mind that the duplicate content check only affects indexed pages. Canonical pages are not included in the analysis process.

How to check the issue?

The issue will appear for any internal indexable URL that has a technically identical indexable URL.

Checking technically duplicate URLs is important but not enough to rank good enough!

Check not only the issue but make a full audit to find out and fix your technical SEO.

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Use the Google Search Console or crawler to identify any duplicate pages. Usually, the duplicate content report contains a list of pages with the same content and a list of technical duplicates in the page metadata.

Check this episode of SEO Mythbusting from the Google Search Central channel.

Why is this important?

Many duplicate pages can lead to problems with search engine ranking. Google Panda ban can significantly reduce organic search traffic to the site.

Furthermore, remember about the crawling budget. The search engine robot has a limited number of pages that can get into the index in a single session when crawling your site. Duplicate pages can take up that budget.

If an important web page is not scanned, it won’t make it into the index. Resolve the problem of duplicates and request new indexing so that important pages for promotion will also be indexed.

How to fix the issue?

You can prevent unnecessary URLs from being crawled using instructions in your robots.txt file when creating your website.

If many duplicate pages have become available for indexing, your site can be a serious problem.

Depending on the type of problem, you’ll have to deal with it in different ways:

  1. If duplicate query strings are being created, contact the webmaster and determine the cause of the issue. It’s better to prevent the issue from occurring than to look for ways to fix the problem.
  2. Remove all URL links with uppercase characters), and then set up a 301 redirect as a fallback. If you can’t set up a redirect for some reason, then set up a canonical tag.
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