The Beginner's Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph

The Beginner's Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph

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For example, you are searching for a famous person. The Knowledge Graph Card will show a date of his/her birth and death, full name, parents, time period and what this person is famous for. The details are chosen by SEO specialists who are optimizing your website. If you are searching for some movie, you will see a poster, reviews, a list of actors, etc.
Now you see, how fascinatingly and impressively the Knowledge Graph Card is created, but what about the Knowledge Graph itself? And how do you get a Knowledge Graph Card?


What Is Google’s Knowledge Graph Developed For?


Google’s Knowledge Graph is a knowledge database created to collect and connect information. In essence, the most significant and valuable details are creating a type of mind map that provides people with answers to their questions. This graph presents the key points such as people, companies, places, events, facts, things, and other.

Some of them make connections creating a wide graph. While many people associate Google with advertising, in fact, it is more about collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data and developing ways to find information as fast and effectively as possible. Featured snippets, images carousels are other improvements related to the Google Search tool.


Confusion between the Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Graph Card


Sometimes people get stuck on the question whether the Knowledge Graph and the Knowledge Graph Card that appears on the right-hand side are the same terms. The first term means the database and the latter is the engine powering the card.
You can imagine it like a book and its cover. The card is freshly generated every time to show the latest data. The more facts and images are found about a subject by a graph, the more will be visible on the card. On the bottom of the Knowledge Graph Card, the subjects related to the same field of knowledge, science, technology, culture, history, etc. appear. The more popular a subject is, the more familiar a user is with the search results.


Knowledge Graph Website


This tool was developed by Google in 2012. To make users understand more easily what the idea of this innovation is. Google made a video and created a website explaining how the tool works, its features, details on using it on different devices, tips, and tricks to get better results, etc. Also, you will be able to get some awesome insights on the Google Search Engine by reading blog articles and watching videos.


Google Knowledge Graph Innovations


Recently, Google Search Engine, particularly, Knowledge Graph, has undergone significant improvement becoming more interactive. Since 2012, Google has made it much more dynamic by adding images, videos, social media profiles, websites and other results.

For example, if you are looking for a movie to watch on the weekend, you will be offered not only general information but a list of websites where you can buy a ticket to watch it at your local cinema. Google is continuing to conduct experiments with the Knowledge Graph to make it more convenient and useful for its users.

You can explore different samples of the Knowledge Graph Cards by finding the terms that are interesting for you. By the way, the content of the Knowledge Graph Card might change if you change your location.


How to Get Your Content in the Knowledge Graph


If you would like to appear on the Knowledge Graph Card, but you are not a world-known artist or singer, there are still are chances for you to get on the right-side panel. For example, if you become a top-notch professional in your field, your company offers products or services loved by people in a range of places of the world, or you have an awesome website, you might hire SEO specialists to fully optimize it and make mobile friendly website.

If you take advantage of the latest IT innovations and achievements, you can definitely succeed in getting your content in the Knowledge Graph. The most important thing to do is to highlight the most important elements of the website to make it accessible for users.




The Knowledge Graph tool has expanded quite quickly thanks to its usability. It has changed the user search experience. As information is not isolated itself, the connections between facts should be shown. Google made it in a very innovative way. The great advantage of Google’s cooperation with businesses and website owners results in making the current events, places, and people known to a vast amount of people.

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