This Site Uses A Plugin That Is Unsupported Issue
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This Site Uses A Plugin That Is Unsupported Issue

During a site scan, the occurrence of this message reports to the site owner that at least one internal URL in question is using unsupported browser plugins.

What Does “This Site Uses A Plugin That Is Unsupported” Mean?

By default, Safari and Google Chrome do not support NPAPI plugins, specifically the Silverlight, Java, and Unity plugins, says on the support. If you use these plugins without special settings, you will see an error: “This Site Uses A Plugin That Is Unsupported” if you use these plugins without special settings.

It means that you must disable every plugin for the site to work correctly and for the site to be properly perceived by search engine robots.

What triggers this issue?

If you see a warning message during the explorer process that This Site Uses an Unsupported Plugin, then at least one of the URLs on your site contains one of the following plugins: Flash, Shockwave, Java applets, ASG Direct Plug In, Director, Silverlight.

How to check the issue?

To check if URLs on your portal may be causing this issue, you need to use one of the website SEO analysis remote tools, namely the crawler. Run a site scan, and in the report, you will find all the pages that cause This Site Uses A Plugin That Is Unsupported issue.

Detect not only Unsupported browser plugins but also other kind of technical issue on your site!

Crawl your site and find out all kind of issues that can hart your users or your website SEO.

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Why is this important?

Optimizing your blog for mobile devices plays an important role in search engine ranking. It is why bugs such as Unsupported Plug In Issue configuration can harm your site’s position in search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that possible plugins that will simplify user interaction with the site may be poorly supported or not supported on mobile devices. It makes your web site content inaccessible for mobile devices, and you lose potential organic traffic.

Moreover, even most desktop browsers now restrict the operation of some plugins.

How to fix the issue?

To fix or prevent this issue from occurring, we recommend that you click to remove unsupported plugins or replace them with more up-to-date versions.

Mobile and desktop browsers are now blocking the content of irrelevant plugins or is enable to show it, so you should decide which of the ways to remove the problem is more suitable for your portal on the internet.

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