Is the any Difference Between WWW and non-WWW for SEO

Is the any Difference Between WWW and non-WWW for SEO
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Are the benefits for any version

The short answer is no. There aren’t any advantages of www or non-www websites because it’s up to personal preference to choose one over another. The main aspect which affects SEO is your consistency, specifically whether you have been adding/removing www to your site’s URL. In order to benefit from this small thing, you need to choose one option and stick to that choice. In short, don’t change your site’s URL when you have already introduced it to well-known search engines.

Otherwise, they will treat both options ( and as two different websites and will ban them from doubling pages, keywords, and contents. In the past, when the practice of link purchasing was well spread, the question about having “www.” at the beginning of a URL address or not was a little bit more vital. Confusion could lead to link failure, so webmasters had to watch if one of two options becomes considered as the main mirror by all search engines.

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Difference between www and non www

The only difference between a www and non-www site URL is only a technical one. When your website contains “www.”, it is the hostname which adjusts to DNS and restricts cookies while utilizing other domains. Meanwhile, if your website doesn’t have “www.”, then it doesn’t have such a technical privilege. For now, only a slight lingual peculiarity may play a slightly important role. Speak your site’s name out with and without “www.”. Choose the most melodious one and use it. A harmonic name will make people recall your site’s name much faster. To know more about https and http configuration, read our article about the difference between http and https protocols.

Modern SEO technologies and regulations allow the webmasters concentrating on more valuable things than having “www.” in front of your site’s name. There are no significant benefits or differences of choosing one option over the other. It’s very helpful for you to clarify all the details before you set up a website’s URL. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your consistency in the choices you make for your website domain.


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