How to fix URLs with Low word count
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How to fix URLs with Low word count

Low word count issue means that pages where the word count is less than 50.

The importance of the issue

Pages lacking content might be ignored by search engines. The presence of such pages leads to the increase in pages with no value for a user, index “pumping” and pump of the crawling budget. This might lead to your website losing its ranking.

How to check the issue

Open the pages from the report and make sure they lack content. You can check it manually by copying the content to a symbol counting tool or any other one.

Find out not only the information about Low word count, but also the presence of technical errors on it!

Conduct a full audit to find out and fix all the site level and page level issues on your website.

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How to fix this issue

If the affected pages are important to you, update the content by adding the information blocks that are necessary for users in order to maximize the page topic coverage.

If the pages are of no importance, delete them. It would be perfect if the page responds from the server with 410 after deletion. If the page responds with 404, it is also good. Any server response different from 404 or 410 is a page deletion error.

If the affected page has generated traffic (you can check this via Google analytics, if it is installed to your website) and the website has a page covering the same topic, use the 301 redirect from the affected page to another page of your website that would help a user to get an answer to one’s question.

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