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Explore What Domain Authority Is and How to Use It Properly

Explore What Domain Authority Is and How to Use It Properly

Domain Authority Definition


There are different criteria that affect your website. DA (Domain Authority) is a ranking score, introduced by Moz, which describes the relevance of a website for a particular subject area. DA score can be ranged from 1 to 100. The higher the domain authority of a site is, the higher rank search engines give it. The concept directly deals with search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher the score is, the higher ability to rank it corresponds. You can get more about search engine positioning in our guide. 


How to calculate domain authority rank?


It is a complex process that combines core website characteristics into one. First, the number of unique root domains. This number is an essential indicator of all website’s relative strengths and weaknesses. After that, domain authority checker defines the total number of external and inbound links applied throughout the website.  You can find all links on a website and get to know more about links in our article.  tool as well. MozRank and MozTrust scores are a part of single DA score too. In such a way, the domain authority checker tracks the strength of a website over time. To sustain a competitive domain authority score, you must check ranking power constantly with the use of such tools as SERP Analysis section of Keywords Explorer.


How is Domain Authority scored?


General scale of domain authority is from 0 to 100. But it is not enough to know the number, you must operate the data wisely. Bear in mind that it is much easier to improve your score from 15 to 35 than to grow from 65 to 85. According to this score one can learn the age of your website, the level of reliable sources that refer to it and the possible level of trust that Google has for the website.

For instance, if you went from 0 to 25, this is a brand new site, which Google may trust badly. Take into account that 0-10 is a score that is deadly poor. 25-50 is a score that marks quite adequate sites, which are not big, but deserve much attention and have a perspective to stand out in their niche. 50-100 is a score that is a mark of a source that one can surely consider as serious.


Indicators of “good” domain authority


After you learn your domain rank, you must understand what aspects are necessary to keep improving. It is a common fact that sites with a large amount of high-quality external links (such as Wikipedia or head the Domain Authority scale. So, it is quite understandable and fair that websites with less number of inbound links have a significantly lower DA score. When your website is completely new, your Domain Authority Score will start from one, but after you increase the number of external and inbound links, you have a chance to boost it rapidly.

Mind that domain check tool is comparative. It means that it is wrong to interpret results as “good” or “bad” because all sites vary in difficulty and importance of links.


Domain Authority vs. Page Authority


Don’t confuse the definitions of Domain and Page authority scores as these rates may be completely non-similar to each other. The value of an individual page is calculated according to the same criteria as the Domain. So, your domain may have links to both strong and weak websites that lead your website to some average ranking score (let it be 50). But one certain website page may have only strong links and override the Domain Authority number.

To understand this process more precisely, let’s make an analogy. When the rain falls, every leaf on a tree gathers a certain amount of water, which in the future nurtures the whole tree. That’s how every domain page shares the authority of its links with the whole site. To water the entire tree, you must start from the leaves, to make this process gradual. If you spread a large amount of water at once, you can hurt your plant and make it rot. The same thing happens if you add too many links that refer to your website at once.


Where can you find Domain Authority?


Domain Authority metrics is a tool of high demand, so more and more SEO and Digital Marketing platforms utilize this feature. To get the most accurate score, it is better to use only websites that specialize in diverse SEO instruments.


Domain Authority definition: technical aspect


Mozscape web index plus 40 other factors give data to calculate DA score. A machine learning model is applied to Mozscape data to calculate the score.

Due to being a score that is calculated through machine learning techniques, the number you get at the certain point is not 100% accurate. It is important to understand that DA is a relative metric that gives site owners an opportunity to compare their link profiles with competitors. Also, it is the best practice to show the efficacy of your SEO efforts and to make sure that they are not vain.


How do I influence Domain Authority?


You already know the answer to this question because it is the golden rule of each SEO specialist. Know your link profile! It is the Alpha and Omega of most SEO metrics that put your metrics in search engine metrics. No matter what Domain Authority rate you gate, the best action to take after this evaluation is to increase the number of strong links from well-trusted sources and get rid of relations with low-rated sources.


Why did my Authority change?


If your score has increased or decreased, there are many possible leading factors. You must analyze your latest actions made with the site and define which of those factors brought the most impact:

  • In case you have started growing your link profile recently, it might have not been captured in the Mozscape index. Your website must undergo several index update cycles to include newly acquired links in the ranking ;
  • You obtained links from sources that Google ranking do not recognize;
  • A scaling instability impacted your score;

The rise and fall of Page and Domain Authority depend on metrics that are not separated from outside events or influences. Both positive and negative factors affect it. Sometimes it happens that even after a site improves SEO, the DA score will not display it. Even if a given site/page had increased the quantity of trustworthy links that definitely are recognized by other search engines besides google as well, this is not a 100% guarantee that the Authority score will go high. The reason for this is constant fluctuations within the scale. So, authority scores are best viewed as relative rather than absolute metrics.




Domain Authority positive score must not be your only goal while working on the website. This scale is rather used to figure out bugs and defects in the link profile than to be a win-win guarantee to appear at the top of the search engine results page.

From time to time you must check your site for the presence of different deviations. As people must visit doctors to prevent their organism from new diseases, so you must check your site with professional tools. Each of your actions will lead to a thread of consequences and it is often hard to detect what the source was.

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