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Check Website Rating with Domain Authority Checker

To build a link profile by using partner and donor sites and putting backlinks on them, you need to know which sites are good and won’t hurt you. There are many websites on the Internet. Are all of them equally good? Of course not.

What are the criteria for evaluating sites, other than the most obvious? We will tell you about the ranking system, which will help you select only quality sites to place backlinks to them. It is the MozRank. All websites have different rankings. Some are reputable and have “respect and reputation”. Others are still trying to gain traction. There are only registered sites. In addition, you have to remember that bulk sites use black promotion methods. And if such sites link to you, search engines can punish you and lower your search engine positioning.

All sites have different rankings. The ranking is meaning affected by the purity of the domain. Many inconsistencies create a need to improve the ranking system and make it consider many nuances. There is such a system called the Domain Authority (DA). This system is very useful for evaluating sites content. If you talk to SEO experts long enough, you’ll know that one term will come up again and again: domain authority. How significant is this criterion? Do search engines use it during ranking? How do you influence this ranking? And most importantly, how do you check the DA ranking?

This article will answer these questions and teach you how to increase your domain’s authority with our new Domain authority checker box.

What Is a Domain Authority Checker?

Domain Authority Checker from is the easiest way to check MOZ DA websites. The free and fast DA Checker is easy to use and will show you the exact DA of any website, whether it’s your website or your competitor’s site.

The power of the online tool allows you to quickly determine the ranking of a particular URL and the likelihood that it will rank well. It is the best program to check the rankings. We built the tool on a robust platform.

Everything is very easy! Simply put, if you want to quickly check if you should deal with some link exchange and link-creation site, then you’ve come to the right place. Before you start collaborating, check to see what kind of ranking this site has. And only when you are sure that this site will not harm your ranking can you start working with it.

Using Domain Authority Checker: a Step-By-Step Guide

As we said, our new tool will allow you to find out the site rating quickly. And you won’t believe how comfortable it is to use. We have prepared detailed instructions on the example of our site Find out the domain rating of your competitors or partners because this will come in handy for you to build a social media promotion strategy. Our tool works online, so you do not have to download software to your device. So, let’s take a look at the instructions.

Step 1: Insert your domain

Go to the tool page and input the site’s domain whose rating you want to find out. Start the research diy by clicking on the blue arrow button.

domain authority checker scanning - check website authority

Step 2: Domain authority checker results analysis

When the scan is complete, you will see the result of the domain rank traffic. Next, you should analyze the result, which aspects need to continue to improve on your site if you have analyzed your site.

Sites with high-quality external links, such as online directories and encyclopedias, rank the domain authority. Understandably, websites with fewer external links have a lower DA score.

ALT domain authority checker tool - high domain authority score test scanning

Our domain checker tool is a comparison tool. All sites have different results, which means their rankings may change over time.

What Is Domain Authority?

Various factors can affect the ranking of any site on the Internet. DA is a ranking score from MOZ that describes the relevance of a website to a particular topic and search query. The DA rating can move from 1 to 100. The higher the authority of a website’s domain, the higher rating Google assigns to it. This system is linked to search engine results pages. The higher the definition, the higher the search engine results will rank the site.

Simply put, a site’s DA is a score that hints at a website’s authority and relevance. Don’t confuse website name authority (domain authority) with page authority. These are different rankings for evaluating the quality of a website.

Website DA reports the overall ranking potential of an entire domain or website, but page authority (PA) measures the ranking potential of an individual web page. Both metrics need specific tools. And we have both. Check Page authority tool page.

How to Calculate Domain Authority?

Calculated domain authority is a complex process that combines the main characteristics into one. First, the number of unique root domains on the site is considered. This indicator is necessary for all the strengths and weaknesses of the resource.

After that, the ahrefs tool finds out the total number of external links. In this way, a domain authority checker monitors a website’s reliability and authority over time. You can simply look up all the links flow and learn more about all links on a website with our tools.

To keep your site competitive and cooperate only with good sites, you should constantly check the ranking with our tool.

How is Domain Authority Scored?

The general scale of domain authority is from 0 to 100. But it is not enough to know only the number. You need to be able to analyze the data properly. Remember that improving your score from 15 to 35 is much easier than at a higher level. According to this point, you can learn the age of your site the authority in the eyes of search engines.

For example, if you went from 0 to 25, that’s a brand new newly created internet site that Google may not trust well. 0–10 is a terrible ranking. 25–50 points are quite good sites, not big, but they can be useful to users and have the potential to develop further and get a high score. If a site has more than 60 points, it is a good reputable site trusted.

Is Domain Authority Important for SEO?

A positive Domain Authority score should not be your only goal when optimizing your site for search engines. This indicator is useful for site owners to identify errors in building a link profile. It does not guarantee top search engine results for your site.

It is worth conducting site audits regularly to look for errors that hinder promotion in search resources. Use special tools always to know the current state of your site and the number of critical issues that need to be corrected.

Analyze not only Domain Authority but the entire site!

Crawl your site and find out all kind of issues that can hart your users or your website SEO.

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What does Google say?

Google’s ranking algorithms and deciding which sites will rank for certain keywords are a mystery to all users. There is a basic recommendation for all site owners — you need to make sites primarily for users, not for robots. Google shares its ranking factors but never discloses exactly how it uses these algorithms. Google representatives deny using “domain authority” as a ranking metric. Nevertheless, according to John Mueller’s citation, they have an overall site score of a DA.

What do SEO experts say?

Specialists believe that domain authority is the most accurate representation of search results and why some websites rank more strength than others in search results. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between high DA scores and higher rankings.

SEO expert Cyrus Shepard explains about Domain Authority; check the video:

The good or average score for small sites defines from 20 to 40 points. A site with a score of 10 to 20 is easier to optimize. A website with a low score has a few simple optimizations to get a higher score. You should strive to get as high a score as possible for your site, more than 50. When collaborating with other services, you should also look for a high reserved rating.
It can be affected by such reasons:

  • Root link domains (the number of unique backlinks to your site).
  • The total number of incoming links to your site.
  • The level of spam of sites linking to your site.

You can best increase your domain authority by optimizing your site for search engines for their algorithms. Make it a priority to build your link profile. This can be achieved by getting more rights links from other authoritative pages.
There are two main metrics for measuring the quality of backlinks: Domain Rating (DR) developed by Ahrefs and Domain Authority (DA) developed by MOZ.

Domain Rating is a statistical measure that assigns a numerical ranking to every website on the Internet. It ranges from 0-100, with higher numbers meaning a greater ranking. Domain Authority is similar, but instead of being based on a statistical calculation, it's Moz's operationalization of link equity into a 100-point logarithmic scale.

Both DR and DA are based on the quantity and quality of inbound links to a website, but they use different algorithms and data sets to arrive at their final numbers.

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