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What is a Text to HTML code ratio & how do you check and fix it?

What is a Text to HTML code ratio & how do you check and fix it?

What is the Text to HTML ratio?

The Text to HTML ratio indicates the amount of text on the page compared to the amount of the backend code. In other words, this metric is used to measure the amount of text content on a web page as opposed to the amount of HTML code that is required to render that page.

Is it important for SEO?

Although the Text/Code ratio has a limited impact on your Google ranking, it’s not recommended to “pump” HTML code as opposed to the actual text on the page because it can negatively affect your site. Excessive HTML code can slow down page load and make it harder for search engine robots to do their job.

How do I determine the ratio with the Sitechecker tool?

The Text to Code ratio shows how well your page is optimized. It is super easy to find that out. All you need to do is to enter the page URL or domain and click the button. The tool will calculate the following metrics:

  • Text length
  • Text to Code ratio (in %)

Also, the tool provides in-depth information about each metric.

HTML to text ratio checker result

What is the optimal text to HTML ratio?

The ideal Text to Code ratio starts at 10%. If your ratio is under 10%, you should minify your HTML code, CSS code, JS code, or add more content to your page.

How do I fix URLs with a low ratio?

We’ve put together an excellent guide on fixing URLs with a low Text to HTML ratio. Click here to check it out! Also, you can use our app down below to test your website for all kinds of SEO metrics and get some useful tips on how to improve your site!

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