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What is Anchor Text Checker?

The Anchor Text Checker by Sitechecker is an SEO tool that analyzes the clickable text in hyperlinks pointing to a website. It helps identifying the diversity and relevance of these link texts, ensuring they align with SEO best practices. This tool is crucial for detecting over-optimization and for improving a website’s backlink profile, which is important for better search engine rankings.

The tool can help you in many ways

Anchor Text Analysis: excels in analyzing the diversity and relevance of anchor texts throughout a website, enable to inspect all links on your site or delve into specific pages for detailed insights.

Detection of Anchors Issues: effectively highlights critical areas in anchor text usage, such as over-repetition or lack of diversity, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy SEO profile and avoiding search engine penalties.

Insights for Anchor Improvement: provide detailed insights into how link texts are used across a website, the Hyperlinks Text Checker helps you optimize their internal and external linking practices.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: provides a centralized location where all SEO-related data and metrics are displayed. It allows users to easily monitor website’s performance, track rankings, view backlink profiles, and analyze website health, all from a single dashboard.

User-friendly Interface: designed with a focus on usability. Its interface is intuitive, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced SEO professionals.

Complete SEO Toolset: offers a comprehensive suite of SEO tools covering all website optimization aspects. This includes on-page SEO audits, keyword tracking, backlink analysis, website rank tracking, and more.

How to Use the Tool

For anchor extraction, choose the domain method to analyze all links on a website, or select the single-page method for detailed information on a specific page. Enter your domain or URL and click “Get all anchors” to start. Once ready, the tool begins to analyze the site data.

Anchor Text Checker Page

Domain Check

Step 1: Choose the domain option, enter the domain you want to analyze, and click the “Get all anchors” button

Anchor Text Checker Domain
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Step 2: Get results

The main area of the tool shows an Issues list, where issues are categorized as “All issues,” “Criticals,” “Warnings,” “Opportunities,” “Notices,” and “Zero issues.”

Within this list, specific problems related to links are highlighted, such as internal links to 3xx pages, pages with only one followed internal linking URL, etc.

An anchor warning indicates that there are multiple pages with outbound internal links using a one-word link text. This could suggest a lack of keyword diversity, which is not ideal for SEO as it may need to provide more context to search engines about the linked content.

Also, the Internal Anchor Text Checker indicates pages with more than two links to an internal page using the same anchor text, which could be flagged as over-optimization by search engines and might negatively impact the site’s SEO performance.

Site Audit Results

Backlink Anchor Text Checker has preemptively conducted an extensive crawl, identifying and categorizing the link texts used in your site’s internal and external links. You can access this data, which will offer valuable insights for refining your anchor text distribution, by clicking “View all pages”, and selecting a specific page.

Page Details Anchors

Additional features

The Anchor Text Detector delivers a comprehensive diagnostic overview of SEO-related issues, highlighting the percentage of pages impacted by specific challenges. It identifies the pages that require improvements in link-related SEO, content relevance, and page speed, among other factors.

Additionally, the tool provides insights into indexability, redirects, and sitemap concerns to ensure maximum search engine visibility and enhance user experience. The analysis is designed to assist users in effectively prioritizing their SEO strategies.

Affected Pages by Category

Page Anchor Text Checker

The Anchor Text Checker is an essential feature for analyzing your site’s link profile, providing an in-depth look at the link texts associated with your external, internal, and subdomain links. This tool helps in identifying how each link is anchored, ensuring they align with your SEO strategies. It also checks the HTTP response codes to confirm the health and accessibility of the linked pages. Whether keeping track of how external sites reference your site or understanding your internal linking structure, the Anchor Text Checker equips you with the insights needed to make informed optimizations to your website’s linking strategy.

External Internal Subdomain Links

Understanding the impact of link texts across your website requires more than a page-by-page analysis. For a holistic assessment, initiate a comprehensive site review by clicking the “Run a full website audit” button.

To gain further insight into what the tool can offer post-domain analysis, consult the domain verification section at the beginning of this guide. Additionally, to experience the tool’s benefits firsthand, interact with the demo project provided. Explore the tool’s full potential by selecting the “Site audit button”.

Run Full Website Audit

Additional features of Page Anchor Checker

The Anchor Text Checker enhances your site’s SEO by offering an integrated set of features. It starts with an overview of all SEO issues, guiding you to areas needing improvement.

Content optimization ensures your text aligns with SEO best practices, while the structured data feature checks that search engines can understand your content’s context.

Image optimization assesses the SEO impact of visuals, and the broader search optimization evaluates your site’s visibility in search results.

PageSpeed Insights analyze loading times, which is crucial for both user experience and search rankings. These tools work in unison for a streamlined, effective approach to SEO.

Issues Overview

Final Idea

The Anchor Text Checker is a crucial SEO tool that detects all anchor texts within your site and those linking back to it. Featuring a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features, it offers a comprehensive analysis of link texts and overall website health. This tool is perfect for website owners and SEO experts, pinpointing areas for improvement and delivering valuable insights to boost search rankings and user experience. With added functionalities for content, image, and search optimization, as well as speed insights, it serves as a comprehensive solution to strengthen your online presence.

Yes, it can analyze backlinks' link texts, helping you understand and improve your off-page SEO strategy.
Yes, the tool has a user-friendly interface designed for both SEO novices and professionals.
The tool likely offers a feature to track the performance of the anchor and updates on the health of backlinks, which can be close to real-time depending on the tool's crawling frequency.

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