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Link Extractor - Extract All Links From a Website

Link Extractor - Extract All Links From a Website

Link Extractor helps you extract URLs, meta tags, and images from a specific web page on your or another site. After scanning through the tool, the extracted URLs are displayed in a list format that you can copy for future reference.

Link Extractor will be able to email addresses and URLs from websites and files. It will start navigating through all the links to extract URLs and domains from websites. A URL is also known as a unified resource locator.

We have created a list of quality tools like Link Extractor to solve your SEO issues. The backlink will be displayed when the scanning is finished, for example, in Chrome. And now we propose to understand how to work in our tool.

Link Extractor Usage: A Step-by-Step Guide

Link extracter is very easy to work with, even for beginners. As for the tool’s algorithm, the tool gets the source of the webpage and then extracts URLs from the text. A list of links, domains, and resources that your page links to will be displayed.

  • View if the page of your website has no links with the non-200 HTTP code.
  • Scan if your page has internal links to other essential website pages with the support of an internal link checker.
  • Extract all useful links from comparison pages.

We designed our Link grab/grabber to make it easy for experts to understand the scanning process and interpret the results. Enter your website address, click the submit button, and our Link Extractor will extract all the links and broken links from the website and show you all the results. You do not need to register or buy a paid subscription. It is free for our users.

Step 1: Insert your URL

First, collect the web page you want to crawl. Use our tools On-Page SEO Checker and Website Crawler. Use the tool above or On-Page SEO Checker. To get all links from the website, use our next tool, Website Crawler. Then paste the URLs into the Link Extractor. For our example, we’re scanning You should start a free trial, it takes a few seconds and absolutely free. After that will launch the site scan, the tool starts scanning the data. Below, you can see how to start the scanning process.

Check external hyperlinks

Step 2: Interpreting the Link Extractor Results

With the results of the scan, you will get a full audit dashboard where you can see the general number of issues and the issue category. Just click the “View issues” to get the hall list of URLs of your site with the numbers of links and issues.

Link extraction audit

On the all-page list, you will see the full links information for all your pages. To get the detailed links information for a specific URL, use the button “View page audit”.

Link extraction all pages

You will get the full information about Internal and External links, including the URL, anchor, and code.

Link extraction results

Cases When URL Extractor is Needed

You can use Link finder for a variety of purposes. It applies to various tasks, from conducting Internet research to developing and testing web pages.

URL unpacker is useful for those who do online search engine optimization executives because the tool gives you the ability to analyze a list of URLs. URL Extractor will find all links from web pages and the corresponding HTML code for each page on the domain.

Find out not only all links from a website, but also the presence of technical errors on it!

Now you know your website links, further - crawl your site and find out all kind of issues that can hart your users or your website SEO.

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Link extension will allow you to get all the hidden links from the exact web page or site. It checks HTML code, attributes, and anchor text.
Use the tool above or On-Page SEO Checker to pull all links from a web page. To get all links from the website, use our next tool, Website Crawler.

  • Right-click a hyperlink.
  • From the Context menu, choose Edit Hyperlink.
  • Copy the URL from the Address field.
  • The button Esc to close the Edit Hyperlink dialog box.
  • Paste the URL into any cell desired.

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