How to Fix URLs Where H1 Tag is Missing

How to Fix URLs Where H1 Tag is Missing
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You have recently created a web page or wrote an article. However, there is an error with the title: it is absent or displayed incorrectly. The possible reason is that a special H1 HTML tag is missing on the website. We are here to help and explain how to check and fix this issue.

What Does “H1 Tag Missing” Mean?

H1 tags are the first and most vital heading tags in the structure of a page, blog article, or post.

Here is the video by John Mueller regarding the website’s nature:

H1 tag missing means that a particular page has no <h1> </h1> tag.

What Triggers This Issue?

This issue reports the missed H1 HTML tag in any internal URL link of the web resource. SEO specialists or content writers may have simply forgotten to add these tags to the initial text document with information for future site pages. Or the code of the site lacks this tag.

How to Check the Issue?

To check this issue, you should look through the page’s source code. If the site is created with the help of WordPress, right-click on a blank space of the page and select “View page source”.

To simplify this task, just use Sitechecker to find all pages without H1 on your site.

H1 Is Missing Issue

After the audit, you will receive a list of pages with H1 missing. Feel free to use “View page code” feature.

H1 Missing List

Why is This Important?

First of all, the H1 tag usually stands for the title and name of any piece of information. Moreover, it is not simply a stylistic object. It is hard to overestimate the importance of a header for SEO activity.

H1 tags greatly contribute to the visibility of sites. This is what Google users often see first among the search results. That is the reason why they always contain keywords. H1 tag missing issue means that such a vital element is not present in the body of the site.

Detect pages where H1 is missing

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How to Fix the Issue?

If it is missing in general, start with writing a new one. Remember, it should be unique, creative, and relevant. This type of title shall clearly describe the website, assuming people choose whether to visit a page or not by seeing only this information.

If there is a problem with the code, find the respective field and add this special <h1> </h1> tag to signal a web browser how to display this part of content.

For more information, take a look at our video tutorial:

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