Nofollow Attributes in External Links Issue
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Nofollow Attributes in External Links Issue

To check what is reported by the website auditor, you should use specialized browser tools and detect any nofollow attributes in external links.

What Does “Nofollow Attributes in External Links” Mean?

When any nofollow external references are reported to appear on your webpage, there is an easy way to verify it with the help of your browser.

Google introduced Rel=nofollow tag as a way to cope with spam in comments. A nofollow link informs search engines that your webpage doesn’t support the tagged link. Accordingly, search bots will not index this page, and it will receive no SEO traffic. If you need some outgoing links to be crawled by search engines, it’s important to identify and resolve the issue.

Google Search Centre provides brief instructions on qualifying your outbound links and notes the search engine if you support them. To do that, you need to add certain attribute values to the tag.

For more information, you can watch a recording of the Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout.

What triggers this issue?

Nofollow attributes in external links appear if the information on the page they lead to is not related to the target content. They usually report spam or non-sponsored ads. The references should be dofollow if they are supposed to be crawled by the search engine bots.

WordPress and other CMS add nofollow tags to all links in comments by default. So your website may contain unintended nofollow attributes. In this case, you need to complete your site’s audit and detect the issue.

How to check the issue?

Check why nofollow links are reported on your webpage. You can use your browser’s developer tool to find all external links with the corresponding tag.

  • Use Site Auditor dashboard menu, selecting “Nofollow attributes in external links”.
  • View the list of web pages containing this issue.
  • Use the browser’s developer tool to inspect the links.
  • Insert the URL reference into the “Elements” tab.
  • Check all matches.

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Why is this important?

Nofollow attributes in the site audit mean that search crawlers do not follow certain references or pages. So getting a report about Nofollow external links requires detailed verification. Sometimes you actually want to let search engines follow paid advertisements, useful comments, etc. Rel=nofollow tag may seriously impair their SEO traffic.

How to fix the issue?

To fix this issue, detect and verify all nofollow attributes in external links. You can make it by using the service of our website auditor. Finding the links which should not be nofollow, remove the unwanted tags.

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