Review Mangools VS Sitechecker - Competitive Alternative

Review Mangools VS Sitechecker - Competitive Alternative

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SEO activity is undoubtedly among the priorities in the promotion strategy of a website. A powerful and user-friendly SEO instrument is a must for achieving success. Mangools is a bright example of popular tools in the domain. However, we’d like to present an alternative program — Sitechecker.

We’ve conducted research that compared these two SEO platforms and prepared a detailed evaluation. Unlike many reviews of such kind, we built ours around the determined list of parameters. Let’s cover the following:

  • Basic & unique features
  • Site audit
  • Integrations
  • Site monitoring
  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink tracking
  • Extra tools
  • Pricing & billing plans

Check our Mangools vs Sitechecker comparison to find the best suitable SEO instrument.

Mangools VS Sitechecker: Comparison of Features

Let’s start comparing the basic features. The table below shows the main services and attributes of the two SEO tools.

Sitechecker Mangools
Trial period 30 Days 10 Days
No credit card required
Monthly pricing from $41 from $49
Site audit
One-time site audit
Site monitoring
Rank tracker
Backlink tracker
SEO Chrome Extension
SEO Software
SEO Dashboard
On-page SEO Checker
Website Traffic Checker
Website Safety Checker
Website Down Checker
Website Rank Checker
Website Hosting Checker
Website Speed Checker
Website Backlink Analysis
Website Broken Link Checker
Link strategy
White Label
SEO Reporting
Project Sharing
Number of Projects 3 to unlimited no available information
Demo no available information
Support Live chat, email, demo calls, FAQs, video guides Live chat, email, demo calls, FAQs, guides
Affiliate Program
Crozdesk 4,4 of 5 (15 reviews) 4,5 of 5 (28 reviews)
G2 4,4 of 5 (15 reviews) 4,6 of 5 (40 reviews)
Capterra 4,5 of 5 (115 reviews) 4,7 of 5 (60 reviews)

Don't you find it exhausting to work on SEO all day long?

Sitechecker is the perfect solution for all your site needs.

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Site Audit: Mangools VS Sitechecker

The website audit is among the most important services of both SEO tools. It allows users to analyze the performance of the web resource, identify strengths and weaknesses, find errors, and plan future promotion.

Sitechecker site audit main features

The quality of the Site Audit can depict the overall effectiveness of the tool. Sitechecker’s real-time website crawler comes with the following features:

  • Customizable crawling settings
  • Comprehensive audit in 2 minutes
  • Quick on-page audits
  • Branded reports
  • Email report notifications
  • Audit of internal and external links
  • Redirects checking
  • Duplicate content detection
  • How-to-fix guides
  • Security vulnerabilities identification
Sitechecker site audit

Mangools site audit main features

As for Mangools, it offers site audits with the following features:

  • Hidden text identification
  • On-page factors analysis
  • Speed test
  • Checking Google SERP
  • Detecting a possible penalty from Google
Site audit by Mangools

Integrations: Sitechecker VS Mangools

Both platforms offer versatile features and possess powerful instruments for SEO activity. However, sometimes you need additional resources from external programs. Let’s compare the integrations, Sitechecker, and Mangools support.

Sitechecker integrations main features

The most important integrations for Sitechecker are the following:

  • Google Analytics. It allows you to check and monitor traffic, conversions, and revenue.
  • Google Search Console. With this tool, you can import & structure data and track statistics regarding keywords ranking and clicks.
Checking Google Analytics connection via Sitechecker

Mangools integrations main features

As for Mangools, with this tool, users can count on assistance from such integrations as KWFinder & SERPChecker. They offer the following features:

  • Estimation of the exact search volumes, related keyword suggestions, and SEO difficulty score
  • Processing of a larger number of keywords per one request
  • High-priority requests
Mangools integrations

Site Monitoring: Mangools VS Sitechecker

Successful SEO activity is only possible with constant tracking of changes and results. Site monitoring prevents traffic losses and allows users to monitor web pages’ performance.

Sitechecker site monitoring main features

With Sitechecker’s assistance, you can easily monitor everything happening to your website. Below are some of the most prominent features of the Sitechecker Site Monitoring tool.

  • Quick overview of the last changes on the website
  • Timely alerts in case of a risk of losing traffic
  • Detection of code changes caused by external factors
  • Measuring the impact of website changes on its rankings
  • History analysis regarding specific events or pages
  • Competitors’ analysis against their SEO activity
Sitechecker site monitoring

Mangools site monitoring main features

Mangools offer some basic features for site monitoring. They include

  • Identification of the rich snippets’ impact on the CTR
  • Competitors analysis
  • Website ranking assessment
  • Email alerts notifications
Mangools site monitoring

Rank Tracking: Sitechecker VS Mangools

Rank tracking is another key feature of any SEO platform. It allows users to monitor a site’s performance among the SERP, check its visibility rate, track indexation progress, and implement all the necessary changes.

Sitechecker rank tracking main features

Sitechecker possesses a special Rank Tracker with the following features:

  • Website rankings tracking in any location, device, and search engine
  • Daily and weekly email reports
  • Keyword filtering by multiple parameters
  • Identification of the most successful keywords
  • SERP analysis of competitors’ keywords
  • Bulk keyword actions
  • Customizable table settings
  • Notifications when keywords are ranked by URLs other than those that you planned
  • Positions comparison against any dates
  • Adding notes to highlight events
  • Full-screen option to cover more data
  • Branded PDF reports
Sitechecker rank tracking tool

Mangools rank tracking main features

Mangools also provides a special rank-tracking tool, SERPWatcher. It includes the following features:

  • Monitoring of organic traffic potential
  • Daily rank updates
  • Rank tracking in any location, on any device
  • Interactive reports sharing with teammates
Rank tracking by Mangools

Backlinks are also vital for efficient SEO activity. They lead to your website from external resources, generating valuable traffic and directly impacting ranking.

Sitechecker backlink tracking main features

Sitechecker offers a free Backlink Checker with the following features:

  • Collecting all backlinks in one place
  • Checking if referring pages are available in the Google index
  • Bringing lost backlinks back to life
  • Detecting the most used anchors that link to your website
  • Monitoring the leading landing pages in terms of backlinks
  • Evaluating backlink profiles’ growth dynamics
Backlink tracking with Sitechecker

Mangools backlink tracking main features

Mangools has developed a special LinkMiner, a backlink checker tool with a vast database. It offers such features as

  • Mining the most powerful backlinks of competitors
  • Link placement checking in the website preview
  • Forming lists of the best URLs
Mangools backlink tracking tool

Extra Tools: Mangools VS Sitechecker

Apart from their own services and features, both Sitechecker and Mangools provide users access to several additional resources.

Sitechecker extra tools main features

In addition to its own SEO Software, Sitechecker empowers its users with the following extra tools:

  • SEO Chrome Extension for even more suitable performance tracking
  • Traffic checker for the comprehensive traffic monitoring
  • Safety checker to verify the security and legitimacy of the website
  • Hosting checker to identify who exactly hosts a web resource
  • Broken link checker to find dead or broken links
  • Speed checker to measure the site’s speed
  • Page counter to estimate the number of pages on the site

Mangools extra tools main features

As for Mangools, users can rely on the following additional tools:

  • SEO Browser extension for Chrome and Firefox for easier activity monitoring
  • SERP Volatility checker to monitor Google algorithm updates and identify significant changes in Google SERP positions
  • SERP Simulator to see the SERP snippet preview of a website

Mangools VS Sitechecker: Pricing Plan Comparison

Pricing and billing plans are certainly among the top priorities to compare when choosing a SEO tool or the best suite of services. Let’s compare the ones of Sitechecker and Mangools.

Pricing Plan Sitechecker Mangools You save with Sitechecker
Basic / Basic $278/year $358.8/year up to $80
Startup / Classic $470/year $538.8/year up to $70
Growing / Enterprise $950/year $1078.8/year up to $130
Enterprise / Institute $3830/Year N/A

Main Advantages of Sitechecker

As we can see, Sitechecker has several peculiar advantages as a SEO tool. They do allow users to efficiently plan and implement the site’s optimization strategies. Let’s figure out these main advantages.

Your website’s on-page and technical SEO improvement

With real-time website crawler and technical SEO audits, Sitechecker’s users can timely identify and solve any technical issues. In addition, detailed reports allow for monitoring the SEO activity and comparing the efficiency of different measures. Finally, Sitechecker suggests useful guidelines for improving a website’s performance.

Sitechecker’s technical SEO audit

Google Search Console and Google Analytics integrations

Sitechecker offers a truly powerful and versatile SEO instrument. At the same time, Google Search Console and Google Analytics provide users with valuable information necessary for building correct plans and strategies. You can easily check all the gathered data via a convenient and user-friendly SEO Dashboard.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics on Sitechecker’s dashboard

Personalized step-by-step SEO instructions

Sitechecker regularly analyzes multiple metrics of your website. Based on this information, the platform provides comprehensive reports. These reports, in turn, contain to-do lists with helpful instructions on improving your SEO activity.

Sitechecker technical SEO recommendations

All your website’s changes 24/7 monitoring

The overall website’s SEO performance includes multiple processes with constantly changing results. Thus, monitoring such changes regularly is key to the timely detection of weaknesses or problems.

Website monitoring by Sitechecker

Clear keywords reports with an accurate rank tracker

With Sitechecker, you can regularly track website ranking, visibility rate, changes in positions of SERP, and indexation progress. The tool also analyzes keywords and provides users with reports indicating the most valuable parts of the content.

Sitechecker site rank tracking

Control of all the backlinks you’ve built

Backlinks are vital for the website’s visibility. Sitechecker offers a tool to monitor and analyze all the backlinks. In addition, you can receive notifications if your site loses some of the backlinks.

Sitechecker backlinks tracking

Saving time with Chrome extension

Sitechecker’s Chrome extension allows users to instantly check the on-page SEO. With this tool, you receive convenient access to such parameters as meta tags, keyword density, images, links, hreflang tags, and page speed.

Sitechecker Chrome extension

Don't you find it exhausting to work on SEO all day long?

Sitechecker is the perfect solution for all your site needs.

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How to Switch From Mangools to Sitechecker

Sitechecker is an advanced and user-friendly SEO tool, and switching to it isn’t difficult. First of all, the platform possesses an intuitive interface that facilitates adaptation. Secondly, the free trial period provides enough time to check and test all the features.

Moreover, experienced technical support is 24/7 ready to help. There are multiple ways of receiving assistance, like live chat or demo calls. Finally, there are many video guides with detailed instructions.

For a smooth and easy adaptation, you can start by watching a how-to-use guide for beginners:

Sitechecker updates the information about the website every 12 hours via an automatic website rescanning.
Sitechecker provides access to all basic functions during the trial period and in case of the lowest subscription level. You can switch to the Growing plan, for instance, if you need to check more backlinks or perform an audit of a larger number of pages.
When choosing an SEO tool, we advise paying attention to the following factors: available features, data accuracy, usability, pricing & billing plans, comments & reviews, and customer support service.
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