What if Your Site Has the Error “Too Many Redirects”?

What if Your Site Has the Error “Too Many Redirects”?
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A redirected URL means that the location of the web page has changed, and users see a new URL instead of the original. A chained redirect loop can have many URLs that each redirects in a chain, which ultimately loops back around to the ‘first’ URL.

What Does “Too Many Redirects” Mean?

This issue means that the URL is part of a redirect chain which results in an infinite redirect loop (e.g. URL 1 -> URL -> 2 -> URL 3 -> URL 1). Consequently, this page becomes inaccessible to users. They can immediately leave such a website and no longer visit it.

You can also discover more about redirecting URLs (permanent, temporary, and much more).

What Triggers This Issue?

Your site has chained redirects that add further complications because multiple URLs are involved. Therefore, you need to try to avoid such situations.

You can also watch the video where John Mueller from Google talks about what happens when you trigger a 301 redirect and the different factors that go into canonicalization:

How to Check the Issue?

We recommend you check this issue with online or offline tools that scan your WordPress site. They can recognize internal URLs which are part of chained redirect loops. So, it would be best if you worked with detected URLs. Besides, crawlers show you a URL if it returns a 3XX HTTP header response.

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Why is This Important?

A chained redirect loop is bad for SEO because search engine crawlers won’t access the page content to index it. And when users visit such pages, the browser will show them the result with the error “Website redirected you too many times”. This problem can seriously harm your business. Therefore, you need to find a solution with detected problem URLs as soon as possible.

How to Fix the Issue?

We recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the redirect chain. It will help you understand all the different redirecting URLs
  2. Change the HTTP responses to 200, if pages shouldn’t be redirected
  3. Note if redirects occur on some pages. If so, then the target URL is incorrect. Therefore, you need to fix the destination URL and define each incoming link, so you can also specify those as the destination URL

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