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What is keyword difficulty and how to determine it

What is keyword difficulty and how to determine it
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What is keyword difficulty

Determining the difficulty of the keyword will allow you to predict the approximate amount of work to reach the TOP of search results. For SEO, it is a metric allows understanding how hard would be to rank for a certain keyword. Some people may accidentally confuse SEO difficulty with competitiveness. The last one is about paid search results in AdWords and SERP competition in general.

If it is necessary to determine the difficulty of certain requests when doing keyword research, you need to analyze each request separately. For these reasons use the keyword difficulty checker tool. It helps you to know the level of competition for each keyword.

How to check keyword difficulty

But how to calculate it? In fact, no one knows exactly, but the main parameter is the number of referring domains. Most tools analyze SERP for a particular keyword and check the number of referring sites the TOP 10 ranking pages have. The more backlinks each of TOP 10 websites have, the higher the keyword difficulty is.

To use SEO keyword competition checker tool properly, follow these simple rules:

  1. Do keyword research. After collecting all the needed queries, prepare the list of all the keywords you want to verify.
  2. Use our tool. Paste keyword into placeholder above and press “check”. You can enter one query at a time.
  3. Get the report. Then you will get a report to decide whether such keywords would be easy-to-rank.

Don’t forget that keyword SEO difficulty is just one of the many parameters for effective keyword research.


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