How Do I Encode Images Efficiently

How Do I Encode Images Efficiently
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Efficiently encoded image issue notification means that at least one internal URL contains non-search engine optimized images on your site.

What Does “Efficiently encode images” Mean?

Optimizing the images on your site is a significant factor for both search engines and the servers that host your site. Optimization makes it possible to serve pictures at a smaller size. It means you’ll be able to load them faster. Nevertheless, you will not lose quality, and the user will not notice a significant difference.

Optimized images allow your site to load faster. Read more about site speed and what affects it on the MOZ blog.

What triggers this issue?

The crawler will show a warning about this issue to the user if the site has at least one internal URL containing non-optimized images in JPEG or BMP format.

Optimization refers to the ability to reduce the size of the image without loss of quality.

How to check the issue?

With the help of special software for SEO audit of the site, you can get a detailed report on all the JPEG or BMP images on the page if they have a compression level of 85. If there is an opportunity to reduce the size of the image using compression, then the service will offer you to optimize the image. It will allow you to speed up the pages of the site.

Learn more about page speed optimization from this video by Moz:

Why is this important?

Image optimization has long been a factor in search engine rankings. You may not have paid attention to whether your pictures are properly optimized for size, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the process. In addition to size and quality, you need to pay attention to copyrights. Use only the images on which you have the right to avoid legal problems.

Regarding the search engine viewpoint, image optimization is important for the loading speed of your site’s pages on WordPress. Use this opportunity to increase performance and speed up your site and rank higher in search engine rankings.

How to fix the issue?

How can I fix this problem with encoding images? Regardless of whether you are trying to prevent this issue or fix it on your site, the list of actions will look about the same.

When it comes to detected issues, you first need to determine which pictures need to be optimized in the first place. Use plugins or tools for size compression without loss of quality, for example, Tiny.PNG or Magento 2. This way, you can compress the size without losing quality for your users. After that, upload new smaller images to your website.

If you want to optimize images before uploading them, then you should also use image compression services.

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