What's New in Sitechecker (August 2020)

What's New in Sitechecker (August 2020)

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The most important Sitechecker news for August 2020.

1. New design for creating and editing project

First, project creation and project editing take place on different pages.

Secondly, we have moved the functions of the PRO editor to the standard keyword editor. The new design makes it even easier to define groups and pages for keywords.

Thirdly, we are gradually expanding the functions in the project settings. The page for managing access to the project is already available. The ability to manage automatic notifications and reports is coming soon.

project settings update

2. New design for the sidebar

In the new sidebar, the list of all projects became available by clicking on the Sitechecker logo or inside the popup, by clicking on the project selection.

Popups now open near the sidebar, rather than inside it.

update of sidebar design

3. New design for Site Audit summary

In addition to visual changes, we have added a timestamp of the last crawling and finally displayed the site’s domain in the report.

site audit design update

4. Ability to assess how the number of issues has changed in Site Audit

We compare the number of errors with past crawling and show how the numbers of Critical Issues, Warnings, and Notices change. This update makes it easier to evaluate the work of a freelancer or employee you have assigned to fix technical errors on the website.

assess how amount of issues has changed

5. Ability to ignore issues in Site Audit

If you consider some of the parameters that we use to check the site to be insignificant for you, you can remove them from the report on the selected site.

With the next crawling of the site, this parameter will not be displayed in the report and will not affect the number of errors and the final Website Score.

So far, this feature only works within a project, not the entire account, so you would have to set the rules for each project individually.

ability to ignore issues

6. List of zero issues

Now you can see a list of all the parameters by which we check the site. Those metrics that have no issues currently can be located in the Zero Issues tab.

list of zero issues

7. History of our product

We added a couple of photos, achievements and briefly told our story. Visit “About us” page to learn more about our team.

about us

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