Text Remains Visible Issue

Text Remains Visible Issue
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The alert for this issue means at least one URL in question on your site hiding text content until the web font loads. It causes the invisible text to flash.

What Does “Text Remains Visible” Mean?

The Webfont on your WordPress site is relatively large file sizes. That’s why it takes a certain amount of time for them to load. It means that each other content Elementor on the page is often loaded before the font is loaded.

In addition, some browsers will hide text content while the “font wait time” occurs, causing invisible text to flash. It all directly affects the loading speed of content on the page.

Read about other factors that affect the loading speed of content on website pages on the MOZ blog.


What Triggers This Issue?

This problem warning will be triggered if at least one internal URL on your site uses other font URLs that may be flashing invisible text.

How to Check the Issue?

You can detect this issue meaning while crawling your site by checking for SEO issues. The internal pages on your site where the crawler found this problem will be collected in a report when the scan is stopped. You will be able to review these pages and take action to correct this error.

Checking if text remains visible during webfont load is important but not enough to rank good enough!

Check not only the issue but make a full audit to find out and fix your technical SEO.

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Check out this YouTube video by Moz to learn more about optimizing your site pages and content for faster loading speeds.

Why is This Important?

This issue affects the loading speed of content on the pages of your site. If you see this problem, it is showing longer for the script to run before the user can see and interact with the text content. It can also force layout changes during the rendering process, harming the site’s user experience.

How to Fix the Issue?

How do I fix this problem?

The easiest way to avoid invisible text is to instruct the browser to react to display text in the system font immediately without delay. Depending on how long it takes for the web font to load on the page fully, it may display a “flash of invisible text,” which will still harm the behavioral factor.

Modern mobile and desktop browsers allow you to eliminate layout bias by loading optional fonts – combining <link rel = “preload”> with font-display: optional. For example, you can do it with Magento 2.

We need the angular programmer to interact closely with the code and use a diagnostic tool to optimize the delivery of web fonts.

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