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What's New in Sitechecker (August 2021)

What's New in Sitechecker (August 2021)

The most important product updates for July and August 2021.

1. Rank Tracker 2.0 is here

The biggest and most important update during this period. Below is a list of features that you can use in the new version of Rank Tracker.

Sort keywords by the amount of position change

In the previous version, you could see the delta per day, but you could not sort keywords by it. Now, this metric is displayed in a separate column and is available for sorting.

product updates september 2021 rank tracker 1

Filter keywords by multiple conditions

In the previous version, you could only sort keywords by one parameter at a time. Now you can set several filtering conditions at once.

product updates september 2021 rank tracker 2

Use preset filters on your calendar

The most popular date ranges are now available for selection in one click.

rank tracker calendar

Leave comments below the graph about important changes

Leave important notes for yourself or your clients, executives. Add notes about content changes, Google updates, new links, any changes that might affect page rankings. For now, this needs to be done manually, but we will gradually automate this process and the important events that we found in other instruments will be displayed on the chart.

rank tracker add comment

Hide the graph and expand the spreadsheet to full screen to cover more data

This way you can cover more keywords at a glance. Especially true for owners of devices with low resolution. If you hide the graph, then we will save this setting and every time you will be taken directly to the table with data.

rank tracker full screen

Explore the dynamics of positions in a pivot table

In the previous version, to the research of positions for more than 7 days, it was necessary to use pagination and leaf through positions in small intervals. The pivot table will now have as many dates as you select in the calendar. Using the horizontal scroll, you can easily assess the dynamics of positions over a long period. Conditional formatting of cells remains the same as in the previous version – the more the position has fallen/increased, the brighter the cell color will be.

Customize the table for yourself in the Advanced block

In addition to the fact that new metrics have appeared in the Advanced table, you can customize it for yourself. Use the Columns button to display, swap and freeze columns in this table.

Note that the default keyword sorting in tables is different:

  • In the Basic table, all keywords are sorted by Volume;
  • In the Advanced table, all keywords are sorted by Potential Rank.
rank tracker advanced table

Compare positions for any selected dates

Now you can compare how the positions have changed for any two dates for which you have data in the calendar using the Compare Two Dates column. It is so convenient to research how the positions have changed after the last search update or the introduction of large-scale changes on the site.

rank tracker compare positions for two days

Learn which keywords are ranking with the wrong URLs than you originally planned

The function is only available in the Advanced table. The link icons next to keywords have three statuses:

  • yellow icon – target URL not set;
  • red icon – target URL is set, but does not match the real URL;
  • blue icon – the target URL is set and matches the real URL.
rank tracker show wrong urls

Conduct bulk keyword actions

Now it is convenient to delete and copy keywords, assign them a target URL and a group.

rank tracker keywords bulk actions

This version is just the beginning of the development of the new Rank Tracker, we will gradually add new features. Now the second version of Rank Tracker is available as an additional tool via the link in the sidebar on the left, along with the previous version, but the second version will become the main one.

2. Site Audit alert letter was added

You will receive this new letter every time Sitechecker sees that the number of critical errors and warnings on the site has changed, no matter in which direction. This will help you confirm bug fixes by you or your contractors and learn about new bugs.

site audit alert letter

3. New design of the home page

You may have already noticed that the main page of the site has changed. Now it talks better about the capabilities of Sitechecker and its role in the lives of customers.

new home page design

4. Launching the Free trial model

Throughout its existence, Sitechecker has been working on the Freemium model, providing some of the functions for free for an unlimited period, and the rest for a fee. Now we are switching to the Free trial model. So far, only from the main page, and eventually from all other pages, you can get free access for 7 days to most of Sitechecker’s features, previously available only to paying users.

But the registration process does not change in any way, we do not require a bank card.

free trial model

5. An important fix in the list of projects

Previously, in the application, on the page with the list of projects, it was not possible to open a specific project in a new tab. This has now been fixed.

project list important fix

6. 70,000+ installations of Sitechecker Chrome Plugin

Already 70,000 users have installed our SEO plugin for Google Chrome. We’re excited to see more and more professionals simplify their on-page SEO work with this tool.

sitechecker chrome seo plugin

There are many more interesting things ahead of you.  Check out our public backlog, vote on the features you like, and add your ideas.

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