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What is the Domain Expiration Monitoring Tool?

The Domain Expiration Lookup by Sitechecker is an online tool designed to track and manage the expiration dates of domain names. This tool is essential for individuals and businesses to ensure that their sites do not unintentionally expire and become available for others to purchase. Additionally, it analyzes security issues and displays them in real-time.

How the tool can assist you?

Automated Alerts: sends out email reminders about upcoming expiration dates.

Real-Time Security Issue Detection: displays all issues that could impact your website’s security, prompting immediate action.

Multi-Management: manages the expiration dates of multiple websites from a single dashboard.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: provides a comprehensive and centralized view of all SEO metrics, making monitoring and analyzing website performance from a single location easier.

User-Friendly Interface: designed with simplicity in mind, this feature ensures that users of all skill levels can navigate and utilize the tool effectively without a steep learning curve.

Complete SEO Toolset: offers a full suite of SEO tools including site auditing, backlink tracking, rank tracking, and more, enabling users to manage all aspects of SEO from one platform.

How to Use the Tool

Step 1: Enter your domain name

Domain Expiration Lookup
To receive results and access to Sitechecker's features for 14 days, start your FREE trial. Sign-up is easy with your email, Google, or Facebook account. No credit card is needed.

Step 2: Set up notifications

To begin scheduled automatic data monitoring, click the button shown on your screen.

Go to Project Settings

This will take you to the project settings, where you can select the auto-crawling frequency that best meets your needs:

Monitoring Frequency

Navigate to the Alerts and Reports tab, then click on the alert signaling an impending domain expiration. You’ll be able to receive notifications via email or Slack:

Slack Connect Domain

We send Domain Expiry notifications 90 days, 30 days, 7 days, and 24 hours before the domain expires. The email alert for Domain Expiry will appear in your inbox as follows:

Domain Name Expires

Additional Features

The tool also provides essential notifications, covering key updates in web optimization:

Monitoring Notifications

You can also set up Rank Tracker notifications:

Rank Tracker Notifications

Final Idea

The Domain Expiration Monitoring Tool is an essential online software for tracking expiration dates and enhancing website security. It sends automated alerts before a domain expires and conducts real-time security audits, including checks against cross-site scripting, MIME type sniffing, and click-jacking vulnerabilities. This tool supports the multi-management of websites, offers a unified dashboard for SEO metrics, and features a user-friendly interface with a complete SEO toolset. Essential for maintaining a secure and effective online presence, this tool is designed to safeguard your sites and ensure continuous operation without interruption.

The tool detects vulnerabilities including insufficient HTTPS enforcement, outdated SSL certificates, and potential web server version disclosures, enhancing your site’s security measures.
Yes, the tool allows you to manage and monitor the expiration dates of multiple websites from a single dashboard, streamlining management for businesses or individuals with extensive website portfolios.
By ensuring your website and security settings are up-to-date, the tool helps maintain your website's credibility and reliability, which are crucial factors for SEO performance.

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