Explore What Domain Age Is and Why It Is Important for SEO

Explore What Domain Age Is and Why It Is Important for SEO
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Does the domain age matter?

Let`s find out what domain age is. Simply saying it is about how old your domain is and when it was registered. For example, intel.com registered their domain in 1986. Therefore the website age is more than 30 years.

Extensive link profile

Among the reasons why aged domains work better for search engine ranking is qualitative backlinking. Backlinks are checked by SE, paying attention to the dominance of the sites and if they are authoritative, then these sites are ranked higher. It would be a big plus if work was done on the creation of quality backlinking for a site.


High Reputation

There are domains that have already got a high reputation in their niche on the market. It is a good bonus as it takes much time and effort to create a good reputation at the beginning. If you have got a chance to buy an old domain that already has high reputation while also being highly ranked on SE, then you are a really lucky person. Many companies spend years and sufficient sums of money to get a good reputation and become trustworthy.



If your domain is old it means that its traffic must also be significant. Having regular traffic takes money, time and effort, so buying an aged domain with already established heavy traffic by the previous owner is true success. Everything you need to do is maintain the existing level of traffic and work on increasing it.


Ranking with Search Engine

The aim of any SEO manager is getting the first place for their sites in search engines list, thus if a site has already got a good search engine ranking, you will save your money and nerves, for sure. The final goal is to get a top ranking for your site, and top ranking for a site is a synonym of profit and visibility.


Are There Any Drawbacks of an Aged Domain?


We have already spoken of the positive sides of the aged reputable domains, but are there any flaws that should be mentioned? Let us figure them out:


Risky Black Hat SEO Methods

Some site owners and webmasters use various black hat SEO techniques in order to get a higher ranking for their domain and it really takes much time to find out about them. You must examine the website in terms of this issue and work on its removal or the site would be at risk.


Bad Credit

When buying an aged domain, you can face such an issue as bad reputation; if some users blocked this site or tagged it as spam, as a result you will get a site with a tarnished reputation that can harm your business.


Key Points

Having discussed both positive and negative aspects of buying an aged domain, you should already have made up your mind on this issue. Frankly, you should always check a website age thoroughly before making a final decision.


How to Check Domains?


Today there are various ways on how to check your potential domain before placing an order. Of course, you can use a bulk domain age checker if you need to check how old is a website, just use domain expiry date checker to find out when it expires. If you are guessing how to find out when a website was created, you can use domain registration date checker. The process of checking is similar to the one you do when checking a used car; you have to get information on when a website was created, its reputation, SEO methods used and its traffic before buying yourself an aged domain. As a rule, domain age checker tools show your domain name registration, domain date update and the expiration date. But there is a lot of information you should know about your domain, check IP, the name of server or web hosting company, web archive history.

google cache pageimg-close

Using domain name checker is very easy. Enter your domain URL into search row. Click on check button. In few seconds you will get all the needed information.



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