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How to calculate conversion rate easily

How to calculate conversion rate easily

What is Conversion Rate?

Basically,  conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that makes any activity that you characterize. Contingent upon your business objectives, a “conversion” could be nearly anything, but here are a couple of regular types of conversions:

  • Making a purchase
  • Submitting a form (contact us form, lead gen form, etc)
  • Calling your business
  • Signing up for a subscription (either paid or free — like a newsletter)
  • Registering on the site
  • Downloading something (software trial, eBook, mobile app, etc)

Knowing your conversion rate is a first step in understanding how your sales funnel is performing and what marketing avenues are giving the greatest return on investment (ROI).

How to count conversion rate?

Calculating conversion is very simple. You should simply separate the number of changes you get in a given time period by the complete number of people who visited your site or landing page and multiply it by 100%.

Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) * 100%

Use the online conversion rate calculator to count the influence of increasing the conversion rate on your number of bookings and total profit.

  1. Enter the number of website visitors and the total amount of orders from website visitors in the form above.
  2. Press “Calculate” button. Determine the results of your web site conversions
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