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What is Ahrefs DR Checker Tool?

The Ahrefs DR Checker tool by SiteChecker evaluates a website’s Ahrefs rank. You enter a website’s URL, and the tool shows its Ahrefs rank, its Domain Rating score (DR), and total external backlinks. DR assesses the quality and quantity of a website’s external backlinks, while Ahrefs also offers a URL Rating (UR) to estimate a webpage’s backlink profile strength.

How can the tool assist you?

  1. Evaluate your site’s backlink quality with a Domain Rating.
  2. Count dofollow backlinks that influence search rankings.
  3. Show the diversity of backlink sources with referring domains and IPs.

Using a Domain Rating Checker

Ahrefs provides an excellent domain rating system that gives you an idea of how much trust it has in the authority of a particular site. And that’s exactly what our Free DR Checker finds out.

Step 1: Insert your domain

If you want to check out your or a competitor’s site, all you need to do is enter its URL into our tool, click on the arrow, and get instant access to its Ahrefs rank.

Step 2: Results analysis

Ahrefs DR Finder provided by SiteChecker. The analysis provides various Ahrefs metrics:

Ahrefs Rank: Positioned at the top left, showing a numerical rank assigned by Ahrefs.

Domain Rating (DR): Directly to the right of the Ahrefs Rank, indicating the strength of domain authority score the website’s backlink profile.

Total External Backlinks: To the right of the Domain Rating, detailing the count of backlinks from other sites.

Total Referring Domains: Below the Ahrefs Rank on the left, showing the number of unique domains linking to the website.

Dofollow Backlinks: Below the Domain Rating, indicating the number of backlinks that pass the authority score on link equity.

Referring IPs: Below are the Total External Backlinks, on the far right, showing the number of unique IP addresses that backlinks are coming from.

Ahrefs DR Checker Results

Each piece of information is contained within its own box, with a clear label at the top for easy interpretation of the data.

Additional Features of The Ahrefs DR Checker Tool

Rank Checker Tool is an essential asset for gauging your website’s SEO and competitive standing. It allows for detailed monitoring of keyword rankings and overall online visibility. With features like date range filtering and indexation tracking, it provides a clear perspective on SEO trends and website content indexing, facilitating strategic planning and optimization.

Ahrefs DR Checker Additional Features

The tool allows quick filtering of rankings, grouping by top tiers, and keyword selection. It provides SERP details and trends and has an export function for analysis. Plus, it lets you compare the positions of competitors.

Keywords SERP Analysis

Together, these functionalities make the Ahrefs DR Checker a comprehensive solution for improving and tracking SEO strategy.

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Final idea

The Ahrefs DR Checker by SiteChecker is a valuable tool for analyzing and enhancing your website’s SEO. It assesses a site’s Ahrefs rank, Domain Rating, and backlink profile, providing key insights into the quality and diversity of backlinks. It aids in competitive research and offers strategies to increase your website’s domain rating, trust, and search engine rankings. Simple to use, it lets you easily input the domain and get instant results, helping to track your SEO efforts over time and understand the competitive landscape. Overall, it’s an indispensable tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s search engine visibility and performance.

The stronger the referring domains, the higher the AR and DR. Factors that affect AR and DR include the linking domain, source quality and relevancy, placement context, and the page on the website authority in which the backlink is placed.
The more and higher-quality backlinks a site has, the higher its DR. Google considers links from older domains to be more trustworthy. Thus, they can be more powerful than newer ones.
External backlinks heighten popularity, increase your site relevance, improve your reputation, boost value, and encourage backlinks from other websites. They play a major role in improving AR and DR.
An Ahref rank is measured using metrics such as domain rating scores. Domain rating is measured on a scale of 0-100. The higher the score, the better the Ahref ranking.
A score of 40 to 50 is considered average, while a score of 50 to 60 is considered a good domain rating. If a site has a score of more than 60, the DA is considered to be excellent.

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