How to fix the issue when JavaScript file size is over 25 KB
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How to fix the issue when JavaScript file size is over 25 KB

URLs contain JavaScript files of size over 25 KB. The figure of 25KB is relatively arbitrary – there is no hard and fast rule as to what constitutes an JavaScript file that is ‘too large’.

Why it’s important

A lower JavaScript file size/payload or reduces the time spent parsing scripts, resulting in faster page loads and improved page experience.

How to fix

Reduce JS file sizes by removing comments, white spaces, and redundant code, and in some cases, use shorter variable and function names.

Minifying your JavaScript is less impactful on the overall page experience when compared to other optimizations like code-splitting, eliminating dead code, and caching your JavaScript code.

Hence, minification is a lower priority optimization that should be regarded as a fine-tuning step to refine your page experience rather than single-handedly boost your page performance.

JavaScript file size being over 25 KB check is good for your website but not enough to get good SERP positions!

To detect not only the issue but other kind of site level and page level problems, just make the full site audit.

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