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How to verify Google Analytics (GA) tracking code is working by Sitechecker?

How to verify Google Analytics (GA) tracking code is working by Sitechecker?

What is a GA checker?

Measuring your website performance is of paramount importance. For this purpose, webmasters are using smart Google Analytics tools. These tools enable you to track audience visibility metrics, as well as analyze traffic sources and user behavior.

GA validator crawls your website page by page to determine if Google Analytics is configured. Basically, our free tool scans your website for the following Google Analytics tags:

  • Google Analytics (ga.js)
  • Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js)
  • Google Analytics Global Site Tag (gtag.js)

How does the GA checker work?

For your website to drive traffic and sales, you must know your audience. Also, you must be able to track the changes that you’ve made to your website. If you have no idea whether your website is using GA or not, just follow these simple steps.

  • Enter the website URL into the field. You can submit any website URL.
  • Click the “Start” button. Our crawl bots will start spidering your website to find the proper code.
  • Once the check is over, you’ll receive a data report. Plus, you’ll be able to check your site for other SEO parameters.

What if my site hasn’t passed the test?

Don’t worry about that! Adding the GA code is easier than you might think. Click here to follow the instructions from the Google Analytics Help Center. Apart from that, there is a myriad of video tutorials on adding the GA code. For example, you can check out a video guide by Tasia Custode.

Once you’ve added the tracking code, go ahead and check your site again.

The GA tracking code makes sure your website pages are enabled. The lack of tracking code all over your website means your reports will be inaccurate and you will be missing out on relevant data.
The check will only take a few seconds. You’ll get your final report in no time!
Yes. Just enter the website URL and click the Start button. Also, you can use it to see if your competitors are benefiting from GA.
Not necessarily. The tool validates the two key strings of each GA tracking code, UA ID and tracking page view string. Generally, if you see both of these parameters in your tag, you’re fine. However, we recommend checking more than one page just in case.
No, it’s out of the question. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. This GA checker is not programmed to access your analytical data or Google account. It’s a standalone scanner that validates analytics tracking code.
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