Sonarworks is a forward-thinking company specializing in audio technology, known for revolutionizing the way sound is delivered and experienced. Their dedication to audio fidelity has made Sonarworks a go-to name in the industry, particularly among music producers, sound engineers, and audiophiles who seek precision and clarity in their work and listening experiences.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Sitechecker, Sonarworks faced several SEO and website optimization challenges:

    1. The website and pages were technically not optimized for the best user experience or SEO performance.
    2. Their online visibility and customer reach were hindered by inadequate SEO strategies.
    3. Difficulty in tracking and optimizing key performance metrics effectively.
Our website or pages technically were built quite far from perfect and showed very low positions.
We didn't use any tools before Sitechecker. We didn't have any experience in SEO or external experts for it.
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Pēteris Asbahs
Digital Marketing Lead at Sonarworks

The Solution

Clear guidelines

Sitechecker showed technical issues hampering user experience and SEO performance. With that, they were able to build strategies for boosting online visibility and search engine rankings.

Vector was set

Regular monitoring and reporting of performance metrics helped to hot-fix the vector of ongoing improvements. Each time something went wrong with the website, Sonarwork’s team could quickly react accordingly to prevent a sudden drop in rankings after the next indexation. 

The Results

The collaboration with Sitechecker proved remarkable outcomes:

Boosted SEO Performance

Sonarworks Increased online visibility by nearly twice for the main metrics of Impressions and Average position.

A performance index for our newly built product pages is as twice as high that it is or was for our old pages. Positions in Google Search results came from the 2nd to the 1st page for several pages.
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Pēteris Asbahs
Digital Marketing Lead at Sonarworks

Valuable Performance Insights

 Gained insightful data for future growth and strategy refinement. Sitechecker has kickstarted Sonarworks’ SEO path. This instantly brought almost 2.5x to their organic traffic.

We got a lot of knowledge from using Sitechecker. And not only about existing errors for our website but about good practices from a technical perspective for building our new CMS too.
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Pēteris Asbahs
Digital Marketing Lead at Sonarworks

The Takeaways

Enhanced User Experience: Sitechecker’s tools improved the technical aspects of the website, leading to better user engagement.

SEO Mastery: With Sitechecker’s help, Sonarworks now excels in SEO, driving more traffic and engagement.

Effective Performance Tracking: The ability to track and optimize performance metrics has been a game-changer for their digital marketing efforts.

Sonarworks is an audio engineering and development company that build software for audio creators and listeners.
Latvia, Europe
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Sonarworks achievements:
Google Search results came from the 2nd to the 1st page for many pages.
Got a lot of knowledge from using Sitechecker about good practices from a technical perspective.