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Spending too much time on SEO, not your business?

Sitechecker is the platform tailored for your needs

Easy to use

Our customers highlight design as one of the main Sitechecker advantages.

How to guides

Get detailed text and video tips on how to use tools and improve the website.

Alerts & reports

Get instant alerts when something critical happens with the website.

All-in-one platform

Monitor website health, track keywords and backlinks on a one platform.

Why is it perfect for software engineers?

Check on how Google sees your or client’s website

Dive into your website and run a full Site Audit to get started. Check on how search bots handle your JavaScript code when crawling and rendering website content or if it includes the right structured data. Get a report containing all the website technical issues that could be slowing down your website or holding you back in search rankings.

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Get personalized step-by-step SEO instructions

Sometimes, you might think that SEO is for marketers, not developers. Your goal is to maintain the website, but you’re also partially responsible for making sure it is accessible for users and correctly exposed to bots. Let yourself be guided by Sitechecker Assistant, which will explain to you why the specific task is important and how to do it step by step.

sitecheker software app sitecheker software app

Catch any bugs before it’s too late

Critical issues on important pages should be avoided at all costs. Monitor your website’s performance 24/7. Get an instant email report if something does happen, so that you can fix it before it affects your visitors and rankings.

sitecheker software app sitecheker software app

Check competitors’ websites in one click

Elevate the quality of any page and check SEO performance with a free Sitechecker Chrome Extension. Check meta tags, keyword density, images, links, hreflang tags, page speed, etc. Identify ways to improve your or client’s website.

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Use one SEO toolkit for the whole team

Work together as if you were in the same room. Share access to view and edit projects, and see exactly what changed. Save time in prepping for standups and sprint planning. Sitechecker is built for streamlined collaboration.

sitecheker software app sitecheker software app

Cost-effective SEO toolkit for your agency

  1. Fix technical and on-page SEO

    Fix technical and on-page SEO

    Site Audit
  2. Track website changes 24/7

    Track website changes 24/7

    Site Monitoring
  3. Track keywords rankings

    Track keywords rankings

    Rank Tracker
  4. Monitor backlinks

    Monitor backlinks

    Backlink Tracker

Join 500+ software engineers using Sitechecker

Sitechecker has helped us improve the website score and kept us on the top of Google search results. We visit the platform to make website audit and fix errors on a weekly/monthly basis. We have increased website traffic by at least 50% and improved marketing metrics by at least 25%.
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Lee Vest

IT and website support specialist at Parkers Executive Chauffeurs

Since I’ve started using Sitechecker, my organic traffic has increased by 12% in 1 month. I have been able to track the best-performing articles and the articles with the greatest potential. I can optimize them for better ranking. Indeed, I find the morning email reports are very useful, as they help me forecast and plan the content.
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John Kyalo

Software engineer and content strategist at AccountingNest

Dreaming of the first positions on Google?

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