Explore the Rules of Creating Perfect Landing Page

Explore the Rules of Creating Perfect Landing Page

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Before we reveal the secrets on how to build a landing page that works, let us have a look at the definition of this phenomenon and briefly outline the advantages of this famous and efficient trick of online marketing.

A landing page is a special marketing tool with the main aim of making an offer to a target visitor (lead), that he/she won’t be able to refuse. The offer has to be clear, laconic, convincing and contain a call to action. In other words, the proposal should be a bang-up job as it is used for only one purpose, but this purpose must be accomplished in the best possible way. The landing page must subconsciously force visitors to subscribe to newsletters, buy, install a software/app/toolbar, invite a friend etc. But it is a must to have a memorizing brand name for your website. If you can’t decide what website name will be perfect for your website, you can try the business name generator from Kaprser.


What advantages make a landing page so popular?


  • Focus on a certain target audience.
  • Huge conversion – the percentage depends greatly on the type of the landing page and the concrete niche it is served for. In most cases, such rates as 10-20% of the total number of leads are considered to be quite high.
  • Easy creation of subscriber base.
  • Great recoupment of investment spent on creating a landing page.


Tips for Beginners on How to Create a Landing Page Yourself


Why are the structures of most successful landing pages almost identical? Many newbies may have a reasonable question: why they should do the same thing repeatedly if it is boring and no creative approach is applied. The answer is simple, this scheme is tested by time and experience and it really works successfully. Thus, let’s look through the rules of creating an efficient lander:


What should a landing page contain?


  • Logo, if we speak of a famous brand.
  • A catchy title and it must be fully effective: attract attention, interest, and in some cases be intriguing. A title has to be clear and respond to a question of what can I get for several clicks.
  • The commercial offer should contain all the details for a visitor to understand what is required of him, but you should not be too wordy as this will only bore him. You should also not overuse sentence repetitions, but capture the essence of the sentence throughout a page, repeating the call to action periodically by using an active button. In addition, the promotional offer must answer the question of how it helps in solving your problem.
  • Call to action is the trump card of any landing page. It is the most effective when it is used as a button that shows a clear and simple call to action: “Buy”, “Order”, and “Subscribe”. You should avoid such words as “Send”, “OK”, and “Ready” as they do not give any clue on what you will get by clicking on such buttons. Moreover, this button should use a visible color to grab attention and enable action; usually it is red, orange or another color that complies with the general website design.
  • Advantages: why this offer is unique and why you won’t be able to find the better one?
  • FAQs or detailed information. They must allay the potential doubts, and explain what the client finally will receive.
  • Positive feedback: ideally, your real clients must write them. Do not underestimate users’ abilities; most of them are able to differentiate between real and fake feedback. At least, they must not show a high level of euphoria experienced by a user of the product that gave him a new lease on life.
  • Links to authorities: you should indicate who has already used this product (client’s company logos, videos with celebrities etc.)
  • The guarantee for a secure payment, anonymity, product and money return back policies, and others. In most cases you can offer a trial version of the product, test period etc.
  • Footer – duplication of the site headline, official requisites, links to the profiles and groups in different social media (including the number of likes and tweets), certificates and rewards.

Explore detailed landing page best practices in this guide.


Important Principles of Landing Page Creation


  • All the elements of the website are aiming at getting a response to the call to action. If you doubt whether the element will increase a conversion, then you can reduce the page limits.
  • Marketing tricks: urgency and deficit. You should install a script that counts down to some special event like the price increase, the end of an offer or other changes. You should also constantly update the number of sales left.
  • Empty place: there should be enough of it if you wish your page be readable. You can reach this by making indents, small paragraphs, lists etc.
  • Simplicity: the page should not be overloaded with graphics, scripts, slides etc. Its structure must be linear for a user not to get confused using it.
  • Design should be quite bright, expressive and visible, but pretty clear and simple for comprehension.

A well-designed logical sequence of the page: you should put yourself in the client’s shoes and imagine how you can win his loyalty with the help of a landing page. It must push a visitor to taking the right decision while he is doing a cursory examination of the page.

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