Explore What Squeeze Page Is and How to Make It Properly

Explore What Squeeze Page Is and How to Make It Properly

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How to Squeeze the Maximum out of the Squeeze Page?


Time flies, and we have now entered the era of digital marketing, which means that you will succeed if have a clear picture of what it is. Digital marketing is the use of the whole complex of digital channels through which the brand / company / product is promoted or attracted to the attention of the audience.

Most often the concept of digital marketing is confused with internet marketing. This misunderstanding is even logical since “digital” includes all the tools of conventional Internet marketing. But the important difference is in the fact that digital goes beyond only online advertising and uses digital channels that do not always relate to the Internet.

After this parsing, you might think that digital is just “all marketing,” however, it is not. In this case, you do not use traditional marketing channels. You may wonder what the fundamental difference is. Well, for example, is there any difference between TV advertising and advertising on digital TV?

Digital channels differ from traditional ones as one can gather clear, objective and relevant data. And in modern realities, the ability to “give the customer clear and precise figures” is vital for companies that provide services.

You may feel confused as this is a whole science, which one can’t master within several hours. The good news is that you don’t need to know everything about digital marketing to create a successful online business. Let’s start by getting acquainted with the squeeze page.


What is a Squeeze Page and How Does It Differ from the Landing Page?


Answering this question, you should understand that squeeze pages aren’t landing pages just as each landing page is not a squeeze page. So, what makes it different?

It’s no secret that an Internet entrepreneur who has his own subscription base has all the available opportunities to lead a successful and profitable business. Of course, the number of subscribers of an entrepreneur depends on the quality of his activities.
Under the word, “quality” one should strive for sincerity with subscribers; proper business activity and of course, high quality of information that is useful to the subscriber.

Building a subscriber base is a process that requires patience, sometimes even steadfastness. Under the word “quality,” we naturally understand that its something thought out, of value, status, well-known. Quality is always associated with a guarantee, this is something we trust and appreciate buying something of.

A squeeze page can be defined as the type of a landing page designed to get a visitors’ email. People exchange their mail address for the opportunity to see the materials they are interested in. This strategy is very popular among marketers because it allows you to quickly and without additional investment, increase the subscriber base.

One of the main differences between this page and other types is the location of the content. It should attract maximum attention and be easy to read. The text is accompanied by beautiful illustrations provided in small blocks so that people would be just as comfortable to read such a text as they would a bulleted list.


Guidelines How to Make an Effective Squeeze Page


Familiarize yourself with these five simple things to do if you decide to create a free squeeze page on your own.


Thing to do number 1: Do your Best Making an Eye-Catching Offer to Your Audience


Probably everyone had to look for work or additional income on the worldwide web. Typing in the search bar “work online” will provide at least several million answers, and addition to this, there are advertising pages with screaming headlines such as “earn one hundred thousand in one day,” “how to become a millionaire at 20”, “earn now” and others.

After going through the calling link, the user is on the site (this is the capture page, but the user does not know about it yet), where they are asked to provide contact details for receiving detailed information for free. If calls to action pages convinced the visitor, then he leaves his data for the mailing, if not, then he passes by. It is worth noting that the mailing is in no way spam, but really useful information about earning.

Thanks to useful information, which contains real examples of earning in the network and the history of successful people, a potential client realizes that earning on the Internet is a fact, not a myth.

Therefore, he communicates with the owner of the page and starts cooperation. Cooperation means buying educational video lessons, for example, creating an online store or creating unusual bouquets, audio books for purchases, etc. That is, the capture page grabbed an ordinary visitor and turned it into a customer.


Thing to do number 2: Choose a Simple Page Builder


Now you have got your subscribers, and it is high time to think about the landing page builder. Give preference to the simple format as it is the best possible way to start when you are a beginner.

The most important advantage of using specially designed helpers as you won’t need to spend much time thinking, which skills you need for the creation of the successful page.

Remember that you will be able to make changes and improvements later when you gain more knowledge. That’s why the most effective way to get started is to use an automatic page builder.


Thing to do number 3: Provide Persuasive Information


At this stage, you should bear in mind that your main task isn’t to promote your business. You will want to promote your site globally at a later stage, however, make sure to choose an appropriate language when talking to your subscriber.

Provide some helpful information able to attract your audience. How-to-guides may be really effective here. Focus on the idea that you should use your squeeze page as a tool to make your client believe that you are a trustworthy person. Make them feel that they need only you and that you are able to solve their problems in the most effective way.


Thing to do number 4: Add a Suitable Picture


It is not a secret that images are used not only to attract users’ attention but also for a better delivery of the marketing offer. In addition, purely physiological visual information is faster perceived by the brain. Moreover, it causes emotions in users. “One picture costs a thousand words” – that’s how you can describe the importance of pictures and images in marketing.

Be guided by several major principles choosing an image:

  • Find a pic reflecting the goals of your audience.
  • Give preference to those pictures that correspond to your main message.
  • In case you feature people, make sure that your clients will be able to recognize themselves looking at the image but with the only difference: with some goals achieved or being on the way of improvement.
  • Choose the most appropriate color match for your page.


Thing to do number 5: Create a Strong Call to Action


The final step on the way to success is the creation of a working call to action. Take into account that a person will not spend much time on your squeeze page. That’s why you should do your best to use these several seconds to capture your client’s attention and make him order your services or buy goods.

No good call to action-no chances to achieve your goal. Remember this when developing a persuasive call button. The Call to Action button is perhaps one of the most important elements of the page of an online business. It is necessary to understand that high-conversion landing makes a lot of details.

The call-to-action button is just one of these elements, as an ingredient in the culinary recipe. The effectiveness of the page does not depend solely on CTA because the whole set of factors is important. However, among the visual elements within the page layout, the call to action is on the top list of the most significant.

The human brain is guided by the usual things. The fact is that the brain functions according to certain patterns, neuropsychologists call them behavioral patterns. Yes, mental processes have plasticity and, as a result, the ability to adapt, which can be developed, but in reality, people are slaves of the usual way of acting.

If for example, tomorrow morning the path from your bed to the bathroom becomes different (for example, the walls disappear or move), it will be very difficult for you to navigate.

The same applies to CTA-buttons. Users already have some experience of interacting online, from which they know: elements of the call to action usually take the form of buttons. And if visitors see the button, they immediately understand what to do.

Make the text simple and concise and don’t forget that the button should be placed logically. This means that a potential client should see the button after having an opportunity to get acquainted with the information.

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