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Ivan Palii

Experte en marketing

Ivan travaille en tant que spécialiste du marketing produit chez Sitechecker. Obsédé par l’analyse et la création d’une stratégie commerciale pour les produits SaaS.

Ivan Palii

SEO isn’t just about best practices for getting your site ranked in search engines, it’s also about best practices for organizing the information on your site into a consistent hierarchy that helps users satisfy their search queries faster.

Now he focuses on creating valuable features and best experiences for Sitechecker customers. Likes to run experiments and find non-obvious solutions to improve SEO analytics solutions.

Ivan creates unique reports in Looker Studio and actively shares his experience in product development on Twitter, LinkedIn and at SEO conferences.

SEO Analytics
Content Marketing
B2B SaaS Marketing
Startup Growth
Looker Studio
8 years in the field
Bouts aléatoires :
I created my first website in 2015 on WordPress to sell knitted ties.
I love testing different traffic channels, but SEO remains my passion years later.
I am constantly looking for ways to resolve contradictions between SEO, marketing and product growth.


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