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Check the most common SEO issues and make users and search engines like your content

Content structure

H1-H6 tags, bulleted lists, and any other structure elements make the text more readable. This shows search bots that you’re taking care of your readers and they can easily navigate to any part of the posts.


News and blogs’ websites have a large volume of pages. Monitor whether a post is gaining or losing backlinks, fix all broken links, and distribute link juice across all pages of the website for quick crawling by search engine robots.

Images and videos

Visual content affects website ranking by leading users from image search, attracting social shares, and engaging site visitors. Optimize the size of images, alt tags, and descriptions. Give a quick boost to your post!

Old blog posts

Breathe life into old publications and create content that doesn’t go stale so quickly. Add new material, include missing meaningful keywords, update stats, and link to the new evergreen article. Grow your blog’s reach and get new traffic.

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How Sitechecker can help you

Make your posts visible for search robots and people

Receive a full-website SEO check-up with Sitechecker. Get a list of tasks you should complete to create content for quick indexing and easy navigation.

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Get to the front page of search results with an accurate rank tracker

Find the right keywords to target, considering search volumes and difficulty for any search engines, in any language. Distribute your content masterpieces to relevant audiences whether it is for the latest news or evergreen content.

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seo check software

Monitor your website 24/7

Whether your website has hundreds of pots or thousands, you will get instant alerts if something falls through the cracks. Keep things under control, so you can fix it straight away before your traffic drops.

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Check competitors’ content in one click

Analyze the SEO performance of any blog or magazine with a free Sitechecker Chrome Extension. Check meta tags, keyword density, images, links, hreflang tags, page speed, etc. Uncover the competitors’ strategies and identify ways to improve yours.

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Use one SEO toolkit for the whole team

From content manager to chief editor and anyone working with content. How-to-fix guides, SEO assistant, and intuitive design help easily track your content performance without deep search engine optimization knowledge.

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I use Sitechecker a couple of times per week to keep an eye on my rankings. Now we're starting to rank on page with one for the most of our desired keywords at this stage and have a boost in impressions.
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Joost Boer

Co-founder of Start24

After two months there were noticeable improvements in rankings and organic traffic. Backlink and Rank Tracker make it easy to monitor changes, but our website needed also regular SEO audits. We decided to run Sitechecker Audit once a week and it also contributed to the improvement of our SEO results. This audit comes really handy and allows for quick and effective on-site optimization.
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Sebastian Szydlowski

Owner and Managing Director at

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