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Quick guide of using website SEO checker
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How Sitechecker can help e-commerce businesses

Receive a full-website SEO check-up

Whether your webstore has hundreds or thousands of products, Sitechecker can analyze your website and create a list of tasks you should complete to increase organic traffic and your conversion rate.

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Fix your website technical issues

Monitor your product-specific keywords with an accurate rank tracker

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful e-commerce SEO campaign. Track local and global results and different search engines, devices, and languages to find out which of your actions led to growth.

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Get personalized step-by-step SEO instructions

Increase impressions and sales without SEO pros

SEO tasks look difficult for online retail and e-commerce workers. Create a simple workflow with SEO Assistant. Sitechecker Assistant will explain to each team member the data for further steps.

Monitor your website 24/7

Check competitors’ websites in one click

Elevate the quality of any page and check SEO performance with a free Sitechecker Chrome Extension. Check meta tags, keyword density, images, links, hreflang tags, page speed, etc. Identify ways to improve your e-commerce SEO strategy.

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Get clear keywords reports

Get the most out of Sitechecker

Fix the most common e-commerce SEO issues and optimize the website according to search demand

Duplicate content

Duplicate content

Find all duplicates in title tags, H1, product descriptions, categories, etc. Focus on creating unique content that adds value and helps your customer understand why they need to buy this product.

Crawling and indexation

Crawling and indexation

Your website is your store. Check on whether search engine robots see and enter your online store. If numerous pages have the same products, crawlers won’t know which page to list in their index. Using canonical tags helps the bot indicate the preferred version of the page and ease website navigation.

Poor URL structure

Poor URL structure

Making your product URLs search-friendly has two benefits. First, having “speaking URLs” eases your website indexation and improves the user experience. Second, it is an additional opportunity to add relevant keywords.

Optimization of product images

Optimization of product images

Give your product images a boost! Check the size of images and fill alt tags and descriptions. Start thinking about them as a conversion factor and drive new customers to your website via Google Images’ search results.

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We get a great site audit witch tells us what to fix or change. We have a complete overview of our rankings and can check our competitors. We went from ranking around number 65 to ranking top 10 with about 15 keywords now.
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Fredrik Enevold

CEO at Mine Navnelapper

Every day we open the app and check the positions. If there are pages that have bad positions, we report them to Google. Then we see which pages have deteriorated in a week and see if the page can be adjusted. From no position to now is about 50% of the on the first page with Sitechecker.
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Ronald Dirksen

Owner at TBTB Relatiegeschenken

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