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How to Create the Perfect SEO Report

How to Create the Perfect SEO Report

What is an SEO Report?

SEO reports are the documents that provide an overview of website performance in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo. It is one of the most effective and important ways to communicate with your clients or business authority.

They reflect the success of your SEO efforts based on accurate website growth metrics:

  • domain KPIs (for example, domain authority);
  • organic traffic;
  • website rankings;
  • conventional rate.

Good SEO reports allow you to create well-designed, flexible, functional reports in dynamics according to valuable site metrics in just a couple of clicks, saving time for SEO specialists. SEO software reports show what certain actions bring the biggest result and answer the main questions:

  1. What progress has been made by a certain period?
  2. What insights have you got while revealing issues?
  3. What actions bring the most impact, and what – the least?
  4. What recommendations can you give to the client to reach set goals?

How to structure SEO reports

It depends on the goals that an SEO specialist faces. If you make your SEO reporting right, you can ease your periodical routine tasks. Choose the right metrics to report on, so your clients find more value in it.

Sitechecker SEO reports include:

  • Website score: it is a website health score parameter or overview of technical problems and errors that may affect search visibility.
  • Web page optimization: it shows the SEO progress of certain URLs.
  • Keyword rankings: it shows the progress of how site rankings have changed due to set time periods.
  • Backlinks overview: it provides information about the site’s backlinks existence and its parameters.
  • White-label: it adds your own branding so you can present a unified front to your clients.

There is no need to make extra reports from the Search Console or Google Analytics, they are already integrated into Sitechecker SEO reporting tool.

In addition, you can include the following things into your SEO report:

  • The specified actions were made during the past month. This way you can clearly demonstrate how the resources were spent.
  • Provide recommendations for the next month.

To uncover weaknesses in your SEO strategy and discover strengths just add the URL of the page you want to audit. Upcoming SEO report will include a health score, ranging from 0 to 100, based on the number of SEO parameters and issues we have found.

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