Professional technical SEO audit from Sitechecker

1. What is a technical website audit?

A technical SEO audit is a thorough site evaluation to identify errors in structure, technical parameters, and specific pages. Search engines put forward a list of technical requirements for resources on the Internet. These sites add themselves to the value of a certain ranking in the eyes of search engines. Web sites that do not perform well will drop in their positions.

The “love of search engines" is not the only reason why an audit is conducted. Eliminating technical errors helps:
- Close the main vulnerabilities of the site to not become a victim of unfair competition
- Identify the increasing points of CTR with search engines and conversions.

2. How can I do a website audit myself?

You can do an technical audit of a site yourself for free with the help of our service - We have years of experience with top SEO specialists. With over 100 parameters in which a specific URL is checked, it only takes a few seconds to find errors on the site page. The binary logic of this tool also provides the solution for each problem identified in detail. For most sites, this tool will be more than enough to identify issues and make the necessary changes for internal optimization.

3. When should I do a comprehensive website audit?

Comprehensive audits are geared for much larger sites with higher numbers of pages (from 500) than smaller ones. It is recommended when:
  1. You are preparing to launch a large-scale project and have completed the main work for internal optimization, but no general audit was conducted. An integrated technical audit will be the best guarantee that the launch will be successful in terms of SEO.
  2. You or your employees regularly add to the volume of the site. Even when working with the right technology, small errors can appear due to neglect or inexperience. With a high volume of pages, it's much easier to get a report with recommendations for correcting existing errors, than manually checking one page.
  3. When implementing a pre-designed promotion strategy on the site. If the development goes poorly, you’ll know there were mistakes made in building the structure of the site, distributing the weight between the pages, or missing details. A look from the outside will help to find less detectable errors and growth points.
  4. You have been given a big project about with little information. To develop a plan to achieve your goals, you need to make sure that the site is on a solid foundation. Analyzing the technical parameters of all pages and searching for vulnerabilities is the best way to create a winning strategy.

4. What exactly does your audit include?

We work the follow algorithms:
  1. Collecting 100+ technical parameters, according to the given number of pages.
  2. Identify all mistakes of internal technical optimization.
  3. Creating documentation with detailed written recommendations for making changes on specific pages.
As a result, you’ll get:
  1. A folder with tables in xlsx format for all checks. One parameter for each table.
  2. A file in Google Doc format with an overall assessment of the optimization of your site, indicating specific errors and recommendations as to how to fix them.

5. Why should I order a technical audit from Sitechecker?

There are several reasons why our SEO audit service is one of the highest ranked in the world:
  1. International geography of projects.
    The main geography of our projects is the highly competitive markets of the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and more. There are details that significantly affect the correct internal optimization in every country, state, culture, and type of language.
  2. Experience in different niches and with different types of sites.
    We develop websites in media, services, e-commerce, SaaS, with different business models and internal structure. Recommendations for your site will be compiled on the basis of all our experience that depend on the parameters, goals, and business model of your project.
  3. Our own SEO tools.
    We develop SEO tools for both internal and public use that hundreds of specialists around the world already use. We understand the problems that programmers, SEO specialists, and project managers face when developing websites. This makes it possible to formulate recommendations that will serve both for assessing mistakes in the promotion strategy and for performing ready technical tasks for the profile specialists.

6. The cost of audit

  • from 500 to 10 000 URLs - $250
  • from 10 000 to 50 000 URLs - $500
  • from 50 000 URLs - from $800

Technical optimization of websites is the foundation on which the financial performance of your project depends on. Send us an email request and we will turn the data from your site into an investment -