All-in-One Software for Business Owners with no SEO Knowledge

Spending too much time on SEO, not your business? Sitechecker can help you to get more organic traffic with less effort.

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How Sitechecker can help you

Business owners

Improve SEO without being or hiring an expert. Be sure that everything is all-right with your website. Save time on evaluating contractors' work with the website.


Improve client's websites easily without advanced knowledge in search engine optimization. Show the result to the client pretty fast. Assess websites you build for clients and make them best for SEO.

In-house marketers

Get tips on which pages improve the first to get more organic traffic and sales. Get email alerts when something dangerous happens with a website or valuable pages.

What’s inside

SEO Check Software

Launch an online website crawler to audit your website for site-level and page-level technical issues. Use free SEO tools to test website’s traffic, safety, speed, and rankings.

seo check software seo check software

SEO Monitoring Software

Start monitoring your website for content changes. Track changes in robots.txt file, meta tags, HTTP status codes. Detect new and deleted pages, get email alerts when your website is down or important pages become non indexable.

seo reporting software seo reporting software

SEO Ranking Software

Track website rankings daily in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, on mobile and desktop, for local and international businesses.

seo software for on page audit seo software for on page audit

SEO Backlink Software

Track backlinks you’ve built to the website, get email alerts when backlinks become lost, and use clear reports to understand which backlinks have the biggest impact on rankings.

seo monitor software seo monitor software

On-Page SEO Software

Launch on-page SEO analysis to find issues with meta tags, structured data, page speed, indexation and hreflang tags. Check keyword density, internal and external links and their anchors.

seo ranking software seo ranking software

SEO Reporting Software

Add your own logo and generate white label SEO reports for your clients. Send PDF reports to demonstrate how the number of technical issues dropped or website rankings up after the work you made.

seo backlink monitoring software seo backlink monitoring software

Bli med i de over 1000 bedriftene som vokser med Sitechecker

Alle våre kunder vokser etter at vi har brukt plattformen. For eksempel hadde vår klient Hospital Amazônia en vekst på mer enn 13.500 visninger fra mars til september.
Gjennomgang om Sitechecker av Edgar Cardoso
Etter to måneder var det merkbare forbedringer i rangeringer og organisk trafikk. Backlink og Rank Tracker gjør det enkelt å tracke endringer, men nettstedet vårt trengte også regelmessige SEO-revisjoner. Vi bestemte oss for å kjøre Sitechecker Audit en gang i uken, og det bidro også til forbedringen av SEO-resultatene våre. Denne revisjonen er veldig nyttig og gir rask og effektiv optimalisering på stedet.
Anmeldelse av Sitechecker av Sebastian Szydlowski
Før du brukte Sitechecker var rangeringen vår ca. #4 (mobil SERP) angående de viktigste søkeordene. Nå er vi #1!
Anmeldelse av Sitechecker av Pierre Breidensjö
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No, Sitechecker optimization software is a cloud-based solution. Spend just a few seconds, and you will be able to manage your project.
Sitechecker has a combination of free trial and freemium models. You can use extra tools for free as long as you need and you can start a free trial to get access to core products for 7 days.
Our clients will better answer this question. Most of our active users appreciate how easy it is to optimize the website with Sitechecker even if you are not an SEO professional. But the platform is good for Agencies and Enterprise too, because it has the ability to manage hundreds and thousands of websites.